10 Autumn Clothing Essentials for Men You Must in Your Wardrobe

Autumn Clothing Essentials for men Modern Chino
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Autumn is a magical time when the leaves turn a tapestry of fiery hues, and men’s fashion follows suit with an array of warm tones and textures. The start of the season sees a mix of end-of-summer styles paired with light layers to combat the crisp mornings. As we delve deeper into autumn, the layers thicken, the fabrics get heavier, and the colours become richer.

It’s a time for versatility in menswear – from the casual comfort of weekends to the sharp tailoring for back-to-office looks, each piece in the autumn wardrobe is an opportunity to showcase personal style against the backdrop of the season’s vibrant palette. So, what should men wear in autumn? Let’s take a look at our top 10 Autumn Clothing Essentials for men you should have in your wardrobe.

What clothes do you need in autumn?

Autumn is a time when men’s fashion dives into deeper colours, thicker fabrics, and versatile layers. Here’s a breakdown of the essential features to look for in your autumn attire:

Fabric choices – Autumn is synonymous with more substantial fabrics. Look for wool, tweed, and heavier cotton that provide insulation.

• Colour scheme – The colour palette of your autumn wardrobe should mirror the season’s natural tones. Think burnt orange, mustard yellows, deep burgundy, forest greens, and various shades of brown.

Layering essentials – With fluctuating temperatures, layering is crucial. Items like gilets, vests, and light jackets become indispensable, allowing you to adjust with ease throughout the day.

• Textural elements – Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with texture. Cable knits, corduroy, and herringbone add a tactile dimension to outfits, elevating them beyond mere function.

Summer Dresses

Durability and water resistance – Given the unpredictable weather, water-resistant jackets and sturdy footwear are vital. Look for treated fabrics and quality construction that can withstand autumn showers.

• Transitional pieces – Items that transition smoothly from the end of summer into the cooler months are key. Pieces like long-sleeve polos and lightweight sweaters provide the right balance for early autumn weather.

Men’s autumn fashion 2024 – 10 essentials you need

So, what are the latest autumn fashion trends? Below, we reveal the top autumn wardrobe essentials for men for 2024.

1. The Structured Blazer

A wool-blend blazer with a touch of cashmere is the season’s go-to. Look for one in a versatile shade like navy or charcoal. The latest style features a relaxed fit with a defined shoulder, creating a silhouette that’s both contemporary and comfortable.

2. The Elevated Turtleneck

Swap out the traditional crew neck for a turtleneck. Opt for luxurious, breathable fabrics like Merino wool in autumnal tones. Layer it under a blazer or a chunky cardigan for a look that’s both stylish and sensible.


Autumn Clothing Essentials for men elevated turtleneck

3. The Modern Chino

Chinos in a heavier fabric like brushed cotton or a cotton-twill blend are perfect as temperatures drop. This year, earthy tones such as burnt sienna or olive green are on trend, adding warmth to your wardrobe palette.

Autumn Clothing Essentials for men Modern Chino

4. The Leather Boot

A pair of leather boots in a dark brown or oxblood can anchor any autumn outfit. Styles with minimal detailing and a sturdy sole are not only practical but also exude a sleek, clean line.

5. The Versatile Henley

A Henley shirt is a fantastic layering piece. Materials with a bit of heft, such as a waffle knit, add texture. Henleys in muted colours, with button detailing, provide a casual yet polished look when paired with denim or chinos.

6. The Tailored Wool Trousers

Summer Dresses

A pair of tailored wool trousers is indispensable. This season sees a rise in slightly tapered cuts that maintain a classic look while fitting the modern silhouette.

7. The Waterproof Parka

Practicality meets style with the waterproof parka. Current designs favour a streamlined look with hidden pockets and bonded seams, ensuring you stay dry without bulk.

8. The Statement Scarf

Scarves in 2024 are all about bold patterns and rich colours. Whether it’s a tartan pattern or a bright pop of colour, a good scarf can elevate a simple outfit to standout status.

9. The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are getting a heavier, more durable makeover. Dark washes and lined interiors add both style and substance, making them perfect for layering over a hoodie or under a coat.


Autumn Clothing Essentials for men Denim Jacket

10. The Classic Overcoat

An overcoat in a timeless cut and colour, like camel or grey, is essential. This year’s trend includes overcoats with a soft, deconstructed feel, providing both warmth and a dash of casual elegance.

Sustainable Autumn Wardrobe Buying Guide

Opt for organic – Choose clothing made from organic or recycled materials.

• Quality matters – Invest in durable items that promise longevity.

Ethical brands first – Support brands with transparent, ethical practices.

Versatile staples – Select versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched.

Second-hand gems – Incorporate vintage or second-hand items for a unique touch.

As the leaves change colour and the air grows crisper, your wardrobe too must transition. The key to a stylish and sustainable autumn collection is to focus on timeless essentials that offer flexibility and longevity. Embrace the season with a selection of high-quality, versatile pieces that speak to both your style and your commitment to the environment.

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