Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Members all get an actual member blog where their ideas can be seen by the whole world.  Our authors for each unique Page View for their blogs. Restrictions apply so see our Terms of Service. Also, you can add affiliate links to your blogs and earn 100% of the affiliate income.  To get started simply join fashonation and everything is free. Then post any fashion-related blog post on your member blog. If you do not know how we will help you so no experience is required.  As the blogs get more traffic the member makes more money similar to YouTube. Payments for blog posts are made once per month via your PayPal account. PayPal is free to join. For more information please visit our training video by clicking >>>HERE

Yes, you can share any web page or article on your timeline. Simply copy the web address and paste it into your post. 

To change your password on fashonation, Click the profile image in the right corner and select account> login information then add Your New Password

Contact support by email [email protected] or click Here 

We recommend using our training video to set up your account. View it by clicking >>HERE

We recommend using our training video to set up your business account. View it by clicking >>HERE

Fashonation is a lot like Facebook. You can check out the groups to find a subject you may like. You can comment in forums, You can browse or post on the activity feed. You can post, your opinions, photos, and videos. Blog post authors will receive payments per unique page view.  Your blog posts must be fashion or beauty related and we moderate your early posts to help you produce the best content you can. Your blogs can be shared on your other social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and many more. Also your blog posts are indexed by search engines so they can be found and viewed by the entire world. Of course that can help you make more money. Very much like YouTube the more traffic your blog posts generate the more income you make. Plus your blog posts come from a website with very high domain authority and huge amounts of traffic so it is likely to appear high on search results of Google and Bing. But do not use paid traffic or click your own blogs as that is prohibited. For more info we recomend reading our Terms Of Service

There is so much more, but we want you to have a lot of fun in a warm welcoming environment.

For more specific information see Terms Of Service


Click on your profile photo in upper right corner and selct view profile. On the left side select my earnings

Yes, you can post a link in your member profile as well as your blog posts. 

Sharing your blogs will make you more money and build your brand. We suggest this tutorial video for that purpose click >>HERE

Linkedin – Is much like Facebook. To post your blogs on Linkedin simply copy the URL of your blog and paste it into your post. Once again always add the first few lines of text from your blogs to get readers excited. Also add hashtags to reach more people.

Twitter- Posting on Twitter is also much like Facebook and Linkedin. Simply copy your URL and paste into your post. Once again do not forget your hashtags.

Instagram- Instagram is a bit more complicated than Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. To get started go to your Instagram account and do the following. First you must copy the best photo from your blog, should be high quality and save it to your computer. Second create a post and put in that photo, click next, then add a caption. It is best to copy a few good sentences from your blog, then paste it into your post you can put in an emoji if you like. Then copy and paste the URL of your blog into the text as well. This is very important so people can find your actual blog. And share!

Pinterest- Pinterest is also a bit more complicated so to get started, once again download the best photo from your blog and save to your device. Step two go to your Pinterest account and click create pin. Next paste the photo your saved where it says drag or click to upload images or a video. You can actually choose as many images as you like and create a sort of carousel. Now copy the title of your blog and paste it into the section that says add a title. Once again copy a few good lines of text from your blog and paste it into your post. Then copy the URL from your blog and paste it into where it says add a destination link. Now click publish.

We strongly suggest you use affiliate links in your blogs. You can make even more money this way

Why should I post my blog on Fashonation instead of my own website or another social network?

You should post your fashion blogs on Fashonation for a few reasons,

Number One is a built-in audience of like-minded fashion lovers

Number Two blog posts on Fashonation are indexed so they will be ranked on Google and Bing to reach billions of users.

Number Three because your blog is posted on a high domain authority website like Fashonation, it has a much better chance of ranking page one in search engine results. This will ensure long-term earnings for your viral blog posts.

Number Four, You have a free 24/7 support team comprised of copywriters, SEO, and IT experts always willing to help you create and post the absolute best blogs that will rank!

How can I get paid if I do not have PayPal or it is not available in my country?

PayPal is available almost everywhere today and is free.

Unfortunately, it is not available everywhere.

Our software can only send payments to PayPal accounts, unfortunately.

You may be able to hire an agent to accept payments on your behalf.

At this time we do not have an alternative payment method, but stay tuned we are working on it.

We recommend you follow the instruction in this video. To view it click >>>HERE

Simply click your profile photo in the upper right corner and selct view profile. Then on the left side select my earnings> settings and enter your PayPal email and click submit. 

We recommend using our video tutorial. To view the video click>>> HERE

We recommend using this video tutorial. To view click >>>HERE

We recommend using this video tutorial. To view click >>>HERE

If you have watched our videos you probably already know that our member’s blogs earn for each unique page view that is not a bot or micro click. These are just not allowed. Plus 100% of any affiliate links they place on their blog posts.

Members can track their monthly earnings at their post-pay counter. To learn how to access Post Pay Counter and set up your PayPal email address check out this video.

If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to [email protected]

We recommend using this video to find and make friends. 

To View video >> Click HERE

Our corporate number is USA (877) 920-0226

To delete account

Mobile: In the upper right corner click your avatar then select account and wait for settings to populate. Then select delete account.

Desktop: Click your avatar in the upper right-hand corner and select Account. Then select delete account.