10 Best Protective Styles for Virgin and Relaxed Hair

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Hello fashionistas and welcome to another episode of Hairtime. Yep, we always talk about how to maintain soft and luscious hair, but we also need to know the suitable hairstyles. This is why we will discuss the 10 best protective styles for Virgin and relaxed hair.

What is a protective style?

A protective style is any hairstyle that keeps the ends of the hair protected and minimizes manipulation. Common protective styles include braids, buns, and twists. Protective styling gives the ends of our hair a break from harsh weather conditions and helps prevent damage. These styles can also help promote hair growth by keeping the strands together and minimizing breakage.

However, there is a difference between virgin hair and relaxed hair. Virgin hair is one that has not undergone any chemical process whatsoever. Relaxed hair is hair that has been treated with chemicals. This is why in order to protect these hairs (whichever one you have) we have to know how to take care of them via hairstyling. You may want to know how to take care of your virgin hair before deciding what protective style to make.

So here are 10 protective styles for either virgin hair or relaxed hair

1. Braids

Protective styles for natural and relaxed hair

Braids are the most common protective hairstyle for both virgin and relaxed hairs. Box braids or knotless braids are the two best protective braid hairstyles that would help in keeping your hair from damage caused by harsh weather.

There’s something about braids that just makes them my all-time favorite hairstyle. Maybe it’s because they last longer or because they’re so versatile when it comes to styling. Whatever the reason, I remember having braids for the entire two months I spent in school. And then there was this guy who came up to me and was like, “I love your hair. Now, imagine my surprise when the guy tells me that he noticed me because of my braids despite the fact that I struggled to find the right style for my rough hair and didn’t know what to say.

What I’m trying to say is that braids are one of the best protective styles for any type of hair as it tucks away the strands of natural hair into the attachment. The same goes for knotless braids.

2. Cornrows

Protective styles for natural and relaxed hair

Natural hair enthusiasts consider cornrows a classic protective style, which can be worn for several weeks without much upkeep. To create cornrows, one must braid the hair close to the scalp in a continuous, raised row using an underhand, upward motion. While the term suggests a simple, straight pattern, cornrows can also feature elaborate curvy designs. I love cornrows because it is such a simple style yet you can choose to make it complex.


They are considered a protective style because you aren’t applying heat to your hair nor are you styling it every day and so your hair is safely tucked away inside the plaited style. The cool thing about cornrows is that you can use your natural hair whether virgin or relaxed to do it. Or you can add attachments to it to make it longer and fancier.

3. Twists

Twists are another popular protective style for virgin hair. They can be done using two strands or three strands of hair and can be worn up or down. Twists are easy to do, easy to lose, and easy to style which is why most people go for it. I like that you can create this protective hairstyle using your natural, virgin hair or relaxed hair without adding any attachments to it. I styled my hair into twists using my natural, relaxed hair and adorned the tips with beads to add a touch of flair.

4. Flat Twists

If you want to create a low-maintenance protective style, flat twists are a great option as they only require two strands of hair, unlike cornrows. The Zoe Report described flat twists as: “a flat twist involves parting hair into cornrowed sections but flat twisting the hair to the scalp (instead of grabbing hair as your braid) and allowing them to set before unraveling them to your desired style.

5. Crotchet braids:

Crochet braids are a protective hairstyle in which synthetic hair is braided onto natural hair. They are an excellent way to add volume and length to your hair. Although crochet can take different forms such as twists, curls, braids, and more, it serves as a protective style as it safely hides natural hair beneath synthetic weaves. Okay, my second all-time favorite hairstyle is crotchet multi to be exact. It just sits right with the stubborn nature of my hair and helps me prevent it from damage.

6. Wigs

Wigs are a quick and easy way to protect your hair from daily styling and damage. They can be worn in a variety of styles and are available in different lengths and textures. Besides, who likes to go through the stress of sitting for hours making their hair?

Wigs are cool because they help to hide your natural hair whether virgin, or relaxed from any damage that may arise in the environment, and it’s a way to safely tuck it away from irradical change of seasons.

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They come in various forms such as ponytails, fringe cutouts, braids, bobs, and so much more. I met a lady who had extremely long hair one time. I honestly thought it was her hair. However, when the program we attended finished, I watched as she pulled the wig off her head.

7. Faux Locs

Faux locs are a protective style in which synthetic hair is wrapped around your natural hair to form locs. They are an excellent way to add length and volume to your hair. Even though people majorly prefer it on virgin hair because it is shorter, it is also possible to do it on relaxed hair. Faux locs provide a protective style by first braiding the natural hair into individual box braids, and then wrapping the locs around it to make it look real. It is also low maintenance requiring you to keep it moisturized in order to retain its beauty. This hairstyle offers some pros like temporal commitment because it isn’t permanent and it is easy to lose.

8. Rollersets and finger coils

Rollersets are a heatless way to style your hair and keep it protected. They involve rolling the hair using rollers and allowing it to air dry. While rollersets are majorly done on relaxed hair, finger coils can be done on the virgin hair. This is because chemicals that allow the relaxers to work remove the curls in the process and therefore the best way to get the curls back is to style them in rollersets.

However, people consider virgin hair the best option for finger coils, and finger coils do not require heat. How does this work? Begin your finger coils on wet hair, then apply a curl cream or gel (for hold and definition) and section off your hair into loose sections. Then, twirl your hair around your finger piece by piece. It’s as simple as that.

9. Halo Braids

Halo braids are a protective style in which a crown of braids is created around the head. They are an excellent choice for keeping hair off the face and neck. You can do this style on either relaxed or virgin hair, using only your natural hair or adding extensions to it. People consider it a great protective style because it adds extra beauty and elegance while safely tucking in the end of your hair.

10. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a heatless method of styling and protecting your hair. They entail twisting the hair and wrapping it around itself to form a knot. Most people, e.g., me, like to keep our bantu knots in a knotlike updo while others like to knot it and then release it to produce curls.

However, if your hair is relaxed, I advise you to keep it in its knotlike updo rather than releasing it because that is when it is most protective. You can plait your bantu knots in different styles and still maintain its elegance and beauty. The style also works if you want it done with your natural hair or add extensions to it to make it look fuller.

Protective styles are simple styles that will tuck away your natural hair strands and not add to its damage. They are easy to lose, easy to make, and easy to maintain, requiring little maintenance to keep it looking good.

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