10 Outfit Ideas Inspired By The 80s

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In addition to being a great homage to the sci-fi horror of the time, Netflix’s Stranger Things also brought back a nostalgic reminder of 80s fashion.

Taking this outfit as an example, it features a pair of high-waisted shorts and a colorful button-down shirt.

If you want to embody that ‘Material girl’ vibe, we recommend topping this 80s-style look with a scrunchie and a pair of British Knights shoes.

Princess Diana is undoubtedly one of the most iconic 80s looks, and we would be remiss to leave her out of our ‘What did people wear in the 80s’ guide.

It comprises a plaid green jacket, a white t-shirt, high-waisted jeans, and matching heels. The brown belt provides an hourglass shape that the coat would otherwise cover.

This OOTD is the one to opt for if you want to know what was worn in the 80s women’s fashion.

This outfit may lack the signature red flannel button-down of The Breakfast Club, but it still exudes that rebellious teenage energy that The Breakfast Club is known for.


With a white graphic tee, dark wash skinny jeans, socks, and beat-up sneakers, it screams, “Meet me at the bike racks after school.”

Converse is always a great choice regarding shoes people wore in the 1980s.

Parachute tracksuits were everywhere during the 80s. As a result of jazzercise and step aerobics, their popularity was fueled by the exercise trends of the day.

Vanity drove the MTV fitness craze, which leads us to our next ‘What did people wear in the 80s’ contender.

With its color-blocked pattern and purples, whites, and turquoise, this Nike jumpsuit will have you feeling hip-hop in no time. Our recommendation for shoes is a pair of vintage Air Jordans.

You can still add some 80s flair to your modern wardrobe despite your dislike for bright colors and patterns. We recommend sticking to one print, like a classic striped shirt.

White pants and matching shoes compliment this black and beige outfit, reminiscent of alternative rock at the time.

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Miley Cyrus and Joe Keery are two celebs wearing the mullet in 2022, which is optional.

The MTV-inspired ensemble is complete with a few abstract prints. The 80s were known for geometric patterns and vibrant colors.

A whimsical black and blue design keeps things light and playful for effortless outfit coordination.

Wear this 80s outfit with a white collared shirt underneath to exude a touch of class.

Outfit Ideas Inspired By The 80s

A typical 80s outfit comprises light-wash jeans, a shoulder pad blazer, and a vintage band tee. Why not combine all three?

Despite being a mishmash of office wear and hip-hop fashion, this ensemble is full of MTV classics.

This OOTD is considered a primary example of what people wore in the 1980s due to adding the beanie as a more modern touch.


Since Madonna was the ‘it girl’ of the MTV scene, we couldn’t help but include her style in our ‘What people wore in the 80s’ guide.

This daring OOTD comprises skinny jeans, a black crop top, a denim jacket, and a blazer.

If you’re up for spice, the wild hair and the headscarf help liven things up.

It’s no secret that the 80s had a thing for high-waisted skinny jeans. In contrast to the 70s bell bottoms, MTV catered to form-fitting silhouettes.

In this vintage advertisement, Alyssa Milano is shown as one of the front leaders of the denim trend.

A red t-shirt, embroidered bomber jacket, yellow socks, and brightly colored sneakers make up this ‘new girl on the block’ look.

Check out this OOTD if you’re curious about what some 80s women’s outfits were like.

The 80s formalwear scene was filled with regrettable fashion choices. That’s why thrift stores are full of dated 80s dresses.

Princess Diana wore a polka-dotted gown despite the horrendous fashion trends of mega ruffles, couch-print florals, and drop waist silhouettes.

Although it features exaggerated sleeves and a front tie, this sophisticated number is relatively simple. The red shoes and studded earrings enhance the understated beauty of this outfit.

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