15 Blackpink Lisa’s Standout Style Moments

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Lisa of Blackpink is a true definition of fashion, and if there is a K-pop star who has the most standout style, then it must be her. Her fashion styles are just amazing, just like hers, and if you have never taken any time to look at her fashion style, then take a few minutes and check out her stand-out style moments below!

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The following are 15 Blackpink Lisa’s standout style moments.

1. Blackpink Lisa in chic gray one-shoulder crop top

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Here, Lisa showed us how to look chic and how to have a standout style moment in one-shoulder crop tops. She wore her cute gray one-shoulder crop top with black pants, black jacket and white sneakers.

2. Blackpink Lisa in gray oversize blazer

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The K-pop star Lisa with her fellow Jisoo looked really stunning at the airport. She wore an oversize gray blazer with faded jeans and white sneakers. This is one of the most stylish looks for an airport ever!

3. Blackpink Lisa in a sexy black cropped sweatshirt

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Black cropped sweatshirt? Dark blue jeans? These outfits are enough to make her have a stand-out look! This is one of the best casual styles in which she looked polished.

4. Blackpink Lisa in cream white ruffle shirt

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Hmm… Lisa definitely inspired us on how to style in a chic style when going for interview. Her black pleated A-line mini-skirt and cream white shirt with ruffle details in the collars and statement earrings made her look stylish effortlessly.

5. Blackpink Lisa in sky blue simple baggy jeans

Blackpink 6989
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In this style, Lalisa absolutely looked amazing and, without any doubt, this look is undoubtable, especially in summer. She pulled off her simple sky blue baggy jeans with a chic hot pink two-piece midriff cardigan and a crop top set. Her signature hairstyle and necklace definitely made her have a standout style.

6. Blackpink Lisa on the stage in a hot red cut-out choker mini dress

Blackpink 987
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Her stage style is always unique and a showstopper. She looked like an idol in a hot red cut-out choker mini dress. This is one of the best and most iconic styles of all time.


7. Tie-dyed fur faux jacket with blue jeans

Blackpink 789
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8. In black high-waisted jeans and a mini-skirt with a bright green casual t-shirt

Blackpink 69
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9. Blue denim jeans mini-skirt with white print sweatshirt 

Blackpink 88
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10. In a chic pink bow tie neckline and pink snakeskin high-waisted super short skirt

Blackpink 77
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11. Red casual print t-shirt and faded high-waisted jeans

Blackpink 66
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12. In a burgundy cut-out knitted turtleneck crop top and black waist jeans

Blackpink 6
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13. In blue two-piece set

Blackpink 2
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14. Hot pink sequin hot-pants and black oversize blazer

lisa balckpink
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15. In black turtleneck top and lack printed knee-high pencil skirt

Blackpink lisa
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Which style did you like most about Lalisa? Share your favorite standout style that you loved in the comment box below!

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