16 Short Hair Styles You Can Try

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Long hair has been pretty much synonymous with beauty. But in the last few years, short hair has been making a strong showing. If you prefer shorter hair then let me show you some trendy short hair styles for your locks.


Passion Twists

Passion twists are adorable and can really make problem hair behave.

Chin Length

Chin Length is so trendy and sporty too.

Chin Grazing Cut

The chin grazing cut can be glamorous, mysterious, and sporty at the same time.


Braids are a great way to change your look without giving up too much. Washing can be a drawback, but it is still a great look.

Blunt Cut Lob

Liza Soberano looks amazing in the Blunt Cut Lob. Very elegant.


The Buzzcut is only for the brave among us, but imagine the amount of time she saves washing her hair. And it looks great too!

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Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is kind of a mix between the Chin Graze Bob and Blunt Cut Lob. It is gorgeous and elegant.

Salt and Pepper Pixie

Jamie Lee Curtis rocks this pixie and with the right makeup so can you.

Classic Bob

Anne Hathaway just looks adorable in the Classic Bob.

Flip Bob

The Flip Bob can be so elegant with the right outfit and makeup. I just love it.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots tend to have a more youthful audience, but they look great at any age if you are asking me.

Graduated Bob

The Graduated Bob for me is the fashion that really kicked off the short hair bob. I just love it and it is so timeless.

Layered Bob

I just love the Layered Bob and it can be elegant, sexy, sassy, and just plain adorable.

Whispy Bangs

Now I know that there are others that would say this cut is more for a youthful audience, but I think it can look great at any age and give a youthful appearance to pretty much anyone.

Textured Bob

The Textured Bob is so nice and trendy too.

Angular Bob

I don’t know how many of us are old enough to remember the Jennifer cut, But She rocks this Angular Bob. Love it.

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