2022 Fashion Color Trends: Which Colors to Select And How to Wear Them

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The fashion color trends of 2022 provide a rainbow wardrobe certain to make you grin, ranging from vivid brights to calm pastels.

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Colour is crucial to me when it comes to choosing an outfit. A terrific T-shirt-denim combo, a great outfit, or any other style I’m dreaming up may be entirely transformed by the right shade. And, while I love wearing my favourite colours and the tints that I believe complement my skin tone, I’m always seeking new ideas to inspire me. Fortunately, the runways have forecasted that the top color trends for 2022 will all be bright. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Primary Blue


Cool tones like blue are thought to be tranquil, but this season tries a more vibrant approach with cobalt. Loewe and Stella McCartney are just two of the huge companies that sent top-to-toe brilliant blue down the catwalk, and now it’s our turn. The bolder blue is believed to “convey authority yet with a serene and confident demeanour.” With this cobalt tint, you’ll look like you mean business and will wash away your blue emotions.



Buttermilk is a neutral-colour hybrid, warmer than cream but lighter than a sunny yellow. For those who want a more minimalist look, this is a terrific hue to help you get a bit closer to brights. It also has an upbeat tone. Yellow represents hope and happiness. Cliff describes it as “the most creative colour.” Gold jewellery naturally combines well with this tone to maintain the warm vibe, but avoid pairing it with black as the contrast might ruin your day.



While you may have a propensity for constantly going back to black, a softer chocolate brown is worth attempting. Although black is a safe bet, it may be overpowering on many skin tones, especially as the skin ages. Look for warming dark colours like brown instead. It’s an excellent option that can be lighted in the summer and darkened in the winter. Due to its earthy tones, brown is often linked with toughness. It’s thought to be a safe colour.

Hot Orange


This year, orange is more prominent than ever. It’s not necessarily the most comfortable colour to wear, but it will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Cliff describes orange as “cosy, warm, playful, and cheerful.” “A fantastic summer colour or for a night out.” Wear turquoise or bronze and gold jewellery to keep the hue warm. Pair it with crisp white or violet to cool things down.


Lime pieces will revitalise your wardrobe. The hue is vibrant, but it may be difficult to pull off. Lime, which is usually associated with summer, can sometimes be regarded as a piercing neon, although there are some more subtle variations available with mild yellow undertones. A lime suit is a terrific choice for weddings, and a lime sandal in the heat is a no-brainer. Consider incorporating a light skin tone into an ensemble with other colours to add contrast.

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