Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifts: 5 Meaningful Ideas

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Happy February fashionistas! It’s that time of the year when many people go online to search for the perfect gift to give their partners, friends, and so on. Even though we may express our love for people daily, there is just something about the fourteenth of February. It’s a day to show love to that special person through thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts.

People worldwide celebrate Valentine’s Day as one of the major occasions. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is one of the days when people go all out in the gift-planning department (lol). Well, for those who may not have a partner this coming Valentine’s Day. I advise you to still exchange gifts with someone who has influenced your life positively.

Giving gifts requires thoughtfulness, expression, and a certain warmth about it. My social media has been cramped with a lot of vendors who keep tagging what they sell as a ‘Valentine’s Day package’ lol. Now, we are going to be talking about gifts exclusively in this post. I am doing this because even though you may wanna dress up and go out with your partner, there is still a point for gifts.

Here are a few attractive and fashionable ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts;

1. Customized Jewelry 

Valentine's Day Gifts jewelry

This is the go-to gift that is acceptable to any gender. Gifts like bracelets (beaded or steel), necklaces, earrings, rings, amulets, anklets, broochs, cufflinks, gemstones, bangles and so much more.

When getting jewelry as a gift, it is important to know which would be more meaningful to your partner. For example, a friend of mine doesn’t wear earrings but likes necklaces a lot. So, for my friend, it would be advisable to get a customized necklace for her. That way the gift stays meaningful and lasting. One thing I like about jewelry is the fact that if it is quality, then it lasts longer. When making jewelry a gift of love, then it’s better to get it customized.

Now customizing a piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be a name or an endearment. It could also be something subtle like a meaningful pendant. For example, getting a pink rose pendant for a friend to symbolize deep gratitude can be a gift between close friends. Just let it be something that has value between you guys. Personally, I prefer bracelets or necklaces with meanings.

Another example is getting a charm bracelet or jewelry from a place that symbolizes the beginning of your love or friendship. A friend of mine made a charm bead bracelet for a couple who recently got married. She used the beads that symbolized how they fell in love and let me tell you, it was the perfect gift.

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There are a lot of vendors that sell customized jewelry like the Noyce brand (my friend’s brand).

2. Engraved Timepieces

valentine's day gifts watch

Did you know that a watch is one of the underrated Valentine’s Day Gifts? An engraved timepiece makes a simple or expensive watch more than its cost but more personal. I have seen a lot of guys and sometimes ladies who cherish a particular watch because it was a gift from a loved one. Who says it can’t be a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

Here are a few content ideas:

  1. My love for you is timeless
  2. Counting the hours with you
  3. My heart beats for you every second
  4. My timeless friend
  5. Infinity is with you

Cheesy right? Yeah, maybe, but at least the watch would mean something other than a timepiece.

3. Fashionable Accessories

valentine's day gifts accessories

Even though I love food hampers for Valentine’s Day, I would still prefer to have something that would last. Accessories aren’t just extras, nah, they can also be meaningful. Fashionable accessories like customized tote bags or wallets, Perfumes (yep, I consider it an accessory), personalized phone cases or pens, and so much more. All you have to do is pick out an accessory your partner likes and attach a meaning to it. It could be by customizing or giving it a meaning with just words. It could also be makeup, customized clothes, shoes, skincare products, and the like.

For example, I know a lady who loves bows. It would be nice to get her one that she doesn’t have and then personalize it. Or just tell her, I saw this and thought of you. Honestly, honesty is just the best policy. If you see something that you know would hold meaning for your partner, it’s best to get it. The thoughtfulness of the process and the gift matter a lot.

4. Picture book

valentine's day gifts photo album

I call a book that has memorable pictures a picture book. Say you and your partner have been together for years and you’re searching for Valentine’s Day gifts that would commemorate your 5th Vals Day year (if that makes sense), then a picture book would be great. Just get pictures of every memorable day y’all have together. This is for all my picture-lover fashionistas in the house (wink). You and your partner can sit down after a beautiful dinner night (indoor or outdoor), and reminisce on your adventures.

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I tell you that when you begin to think of what y’all have done together, it stimulates you to want more in the future. So in a way, it tells your partner, that you will still love to do more memorable things together.

5. Food

(Laughter) Roses are red, Violets are blue… Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t complete without food. There are a lot of ways food can hold meaning for Valentine’s Day. Two of these are:

  • Homesick food

Valentine's day dinner date

I have a lot of friends who traveled out of the country and they would cry out about how they missed Nigerian cuisine. Specifically a home-cooked meal. If your partner is in that boat, then why not go out of your way to cook their traditional delicacy? If there aren’t ingredients then I suggest taking your partner out to their homeland restaurant. One thing I am grateful for is CHEFS (lol). Honestly, they make everything better in terms of food. They also open restaurants of different nationalities. Just try this and see your partner’s expression. It will be worth it.


  • Cooking Lessons:

Valentine's day cooking lessons

Did you know the best way to help your partner cook is to make a joke out of it? Lemme explain. It would make your partner feel more at ease and cheery if you both do something that isn’t their strength. Cooking is one of them. Picture this; our partner comes into your home to see the kitchen aisle laid out with a bunch of ingredients and you are behind the counter in casual clothes and an apron. If you wanna spice things up, then dress up (if you know what I mean, wink). You then tell him/her to come and join you. If you make a mess, well, at least you tried (lol).

I love food. Me loves junk food (wink). I love anything I can eat. So, if my partner comes to my home with a food tray that has all of my favorite delicacies or he takes me to where I can have an all-you-can-eat card, then you bet that is going to be one of my best Valentine’s Day gifts.

There are a lot of ways to make Valentine’s Day gifts meaningful. You just have to find out what is important to your partner and make it a gift in a thoughtful way. This brings us to the end of another exciting blog post and brings you to an awareness of meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts. Make February 14th the best day yet!

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