24 Uber Chic Sunglasses To Flatter Your Face Shape – Take Your Pick!

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Finding the best chic sunglasses for your face shape is an underappreciated challenge. No, seriously. Shopping for glares, particularly online, is no laughing matter. You cannot buy circular frames if your facial shape is the same. Similarly, tilted sunglasses are not the ideal option for persons with long faces. That being said, as difficult as it may be to locate the ideal sunglasses for your face shape, it is not impossible.

24 Uber Chic Sunglasses To Flatter Your Face Shape – Take Your Pick!



Sunglasses For Oval Face

An oval face has symmetrical features, a gently rounded chin, and a form that is longer than it is wide. The best thing about this face shape is that no feature stands out more than the others, which means that finding sunglasses for oval faces is a breeze.
Cat eyes, huge frames, lens, and OTT frames look well on this facial shape. Aviators will also look great on those with oval faces. So, if you have an oval face and are seeking the best sunglasses for your face shape, here are some suggestions to consider:

Angular Round Cat Eye Sunglasses by M & S London
product 1
Golden Full Rim Round Sunglasses by Vincent Chase Online

UV-Protected Full-Rim Irregular Tortoiseshell Sunglasses by vogue


Chic Sunglasses For A Square Face

Square-shaped faces are demarcated by a broad forehead, a strong jawline, and prominent bones. The features are typically symmetrical, with the forehead and jawline having the same proportion. The goal here is to balance the overall look while opting for sunglasses.
You need spectacles that soften your features, therefore frames with a rounded shape would work nicely. Also, while picking sunglasses for square faces you need to avoid thick-rimmed glasses and go for soft-rimmed or rimless spectacles that sit high enough to minimize your jawline.
Some recommendations are:
Uber chic sunglasses 9

Trendy brown 100% UV protection sunglasses by Fastrack

Rimless Aviator Sunglasses by M & S London

Oversized Round Sunglasses by Forever 21



Chic Sunglasses For Round Face

Those with a round face have a face that has its breadth almost equal to its length, a gentle jawline, and big cheeks. In case you have a round face, you should opt for angular frames & straight lines for an overall balance. Also, we propose that you explore a little when shopping for sunglasses according to your facial shape.
Experiment with large, angular, and rectangular frames to balance your face’s softness with powerful lines. When picking sunglasses for a round face, you can experiment with wayfarers, rectangular and square frames, and even sharp versions of cat-eye sunglasses. Here are some options for you to consider:
Uber chic sunglasses 6

Gradient full rim rectangle glasses by John Jacobs


Angular round cat-eye sunglasses by M & S London

Uber chic sunglasses 5

Brown square sunglasses by Ray-Ban


Sunglasses For Triangular Shaped Face

Triangular faces feature a broad jaw and a small forehead. If you have a triangle face and are seeking for sunglasses that complement your face shape, look for frames that add to the forehead and balance out the whole frame.
Look for frames with black top rims that are as wide as your jaw when looking for the best sunglasses for triangular facial shapes. You might also try out teardrop lenses. Wide square glasses with deep lenses are also appropriate. Here are some ideas for you:
Uber chic sunglasses 1

Pilot sunglasses by Fastrack

Uber chic sunglasses 2

Pilot shiny purple 100% UV protection by Fastrack


Bottle green anti-reflective square sunglasses by Titan

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