3 DIY Outfit: What To Wear On Coachella

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One of the problems as a woman is that even if our closet is full of wonderful outfits there are always moments wherein we don’t know what to wear for a special event like Coachella. If that case happens to you, well I have a solution that hopefully works well for you.  

One-Piece on Net Dress

coachella outfit: net dress

This style is not new and I know it’s not just to me but I know some of the Coachella goers use this trick to have the best fashion and style at a special event. Just wear a net dress as a top of your one-piece and then you’re ready to head to the event! For a perfect outcome use a bag that will match the color of your one-piece and your net dress as well as the shoes that you are going to wear but I prefer a boot for this style since it’s Coachella.  If you want to add some accessories that are up to you but make sure to highlight your outfit always.

3 Pack Swimsuit DIY

coachella outfit: swimsuit

A 3-pack swimsuit will surely save you to a more fun Coachella experience! A matching pair of Swimsuits and a cover-up will do and I know it’s very DIY for an event like Coachella so I have a tip on that. Wear a boot and prepare your cowboy hat as well as your pieces of jewelry. You can curl your hair and wear light make-up as well and for your bag, a belt bag will do. Another tip is to choose the best color for a pack of swimsuits.

Bandana Top on Mini Skirt

coachella outfit: bandana top and mini skirt

Bandana on Mini Skirt is very easy and I know every girl out there has these pieces in their closet. To match the whole look wear a boot or high-edge shoes for an outstanding outcome. Wear accessories as well like sunglasses, big round earrings, bangles, and necklaces.

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