4 Celebrity Wardrobe Fails You Can’t Unsee

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Having a wardrobe malfunction outside of your own home is going to be embarrassing no matter what, but having a malfunction live on tv, or on stage in front of thousands is on another level! Here are 4 celebrities who have lived our worst nightmare wardrobe fails that just may make you cringe.

Nicki Minaj and the sports bra wardrobe fails

wardrobe fails Nikki
Photo Credit Instagram

Nicki Minaj in the sports bra in august 2011.  Nicki performed on  Good morning America giving the crowd a memory they surely weren’t expecting. While wearing a bright pink jacket, yellow chunky hoops and immense sports bra there’s no way a single crowd member missed a sudden nip slip that occurred in front of them

Miley Cyrus and the glittery top fail

wardrobe fails Miley
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Miley Cyrus and the glittery top fail. During the New Year’s  Eva special for 2022  Miley‘s glittery Silver top wasn’t having it and fell right off her body. This left the singer scrambling to save herself from exposing her top half to the live audience. She turned around to drop the shirt and sang her way off stage returning In a stylish red blazer. She honestly couldn’t have handled it better.

Beyonce and the slipping strap

wardrobe fails Beyonce
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Beyonce is well known for her powerful dance moves, but it seems the Wardrobe Department wasn’t aware of what was busting out. Whilst busting out her moves with her backup dancers During ‘Say my Name, Beyonce’s shirt strap on her shiny black top decided it was the time to go. Joining Nikki in the nip slip club but like the legend she is, Bey did not miss a single beat.

Anne Marie and the two High heels

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The Brit Award is never without an incident and the 2022 edition is no exception.  Singer Anne maria began performing don’t play to a crowd of excited fans when her greatest fears suddenly appeared. In her high heels, she began to strut her stuff down the stage staircase and suddenly her feet went flying audibly changing her singing notes as she stumbled trying to save herself.  But like true performer, Annie kept going and the audience was quick to forget.


It os fair to say that there are so many more celeb wardrobe fails I did not cover here but stay tuned and I will post some for your future enjoyment. And with today’s quest for ratings, we can be pretty sure there will be more to come in the future. So thanks for reading and here is hoping you never need to endure your own personal wardrobe fails any time soon

By Shameen Abbas

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