4 Classy Combination Styles for Office Slay

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Hey, what do you think when you wake up in the morning? Is it what you will wear that day or what you will take for breakfast? Obviously, the two things must run in anyone’s mind no matter what! Also, there is no one who doesn’t like to style classy and gorgeous when going out or just staying at home. And finding nice clothes to style with, will be a good feeling. Today, let’s have a look at how to make combination styles classy for office slay.

Combination Styles
Yellow front buttons with a blue turtleneck. Photo credit Google 

Styling different categories of outfits are very fun for the office. There are so many outfits to rock when going to the office, and there are so many ways to combine them. Either by going with a jumpsuit, skirts, pants, or mini skirts, it will determine your taste for how you like to look and how you want to style them.

The following are 4 ideas for combination outfits for office looks.

1. Bright green front zipper, high waist midi skirt

Combination Styles 2
Bright green front zipper, a high waist midi skirt. Photo credit Google 

Styling high waist skirts is one way to make a cool and stylish dressing code. There are many ways to make a dress look more classy, stylish, and cute by simply combining it with a shirt, a turtleneck, or a blouse. The front zipper will appear smart and will let you look more beautiful as you are heading to your office. Also, if the climate is complicated, you could design the style by combining your blazer and scarf. In that way, you will win style over fashion, and you will have a good chance to slay with a lot of confidence. Adding accessories and pointed-toe heels will be a better option to take.

2. Yellow pants Combination Styles

Combination Styles 5
Yellow pants Combination Styles. Photo credit Google 

Yellow pants are our next outfit to look on, and there are cool ways to combine them and to make a great style. As you know, a yellow color can take anything, it can attract any eye that is set there, and can be sported easily. You may decide to combine it with a printed blouse or shirt, one shoulder, or off-the-shoulder top, and a bodysuit or turtleneck. Also, you can pair it with a blazer if you like to layer outfits. Wearing open heels sandals or ankle cut-out heels will be a great combination and a win-over fashion when going to the office.

3. Red long sleeves off the shoulders skinny jumpsuit.

Red long sleeves off the shoulders skinny jumpsuit. Photo credit Google 

Another way to slay when going to the office perfectly. Firstly, wearing a skinny red jumpsuit to the office is a big win, and it is an advantage for you if you like showing off your hourglass figure. Attached long sleeves will make a good appearance. Also, it will be a great chance to show off your shoulder skin. Adding some accessories to the style is the best option and a sure idea to look more stylish. Pairing open heels will be a good thing.

4. Printed chain two-piece blazer and mini skirt set

Combination Styles 6
Print chain two-piece blazer and mini skirt set. Photo credit Google 

This is our last style to check out and to be honest, the style is the best one for the office. The printed chains displayed all over the blazer and mini skirt, make the style look elegant and sexy. The style will appear cool and beautiful. There are many ways to layer the style to look more amazing. You may combine your turtleneck, white off-the-shoulders top, blouse, or sweatshirt. Adding some accessories will help you to look more classy. White ankle boots or heels will make great company for the style.

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