4 Fashion in Decency Tips

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Whoever said decent fashion dressing is out of style is (you guessed it)… WRONG. I mean seriously, why would you want to step out of your house and walk up to the street and watch how you’re called different names, that I will not bother to write (lol).

Anyways, I understand our world has created an image that says, we must be naked or half-naked before we can be called beautiful. But they are wrong.

fashion style 1

1. Long but sleek: Lemme ask you guys a question: Why will you leave your house with a very short mini skirt and get on a bike(in Nigeria) or a motorcycle and expect the skirt to cover your thighs or what’s left of it anyway? Who said you can’t rock long skirts and still look chick? Our combination of clothes matters so much so that, it could even tell where you’re going. Wearing the right color combo for skirts, whether flare or straight, with shirts or tops or even blazers can make you stand out and look smart.

Also, pairing your outfit with the right shoes, matters as well. Whether it’s the flats, heels, or sneakers, make sure your fashion style is totally in alignment so you can step out in style.

fashion style 2

2. Rocking Jeans: You don’t have to wear bum-shorts outside your comfort zone (yar house) and have all the bad kind of men stare at you like a piece of meat, why not let them stare at you with respect (although that also depends on your attitude but anywho). You can wear jeans in form of crazy (but not too crazy), boyfriend jeans, loose jeans, or even fitted ones with whatever top or shirt you want also depending on color, and comfort.

I would always go for fitted jeans, and tops with sneakers any day. Protect your assets, they are not for display.

fashion style 3

3. Simple is stylish: Nothing can ever go wrong with simplicity. You can not only look classy but also sophisticated when paired with the right accessories. To work, parties, gatherings, dinners… Gowns are always considered the style of the day or night. So, step into that place looking decent and sophisticated. Choose the right pair of accessories as well as shoes and you should be good to go also watch out for make-up disasters, You don’t want to go looking like a sophisticated monster.

4. Sow your own design: You don’t need to go looking from store to store for the perfect dress when you can have it handmade just for you. Yes, I know there are many wack fashion designers who just rush the clothes and it doesn’t suit your taste but when you find a good Tailor, you find the right dress. For plus-sized women or slim women, it’s always recommended to get your clothes sown, so you can be fitted in the right areas and still be comfortable.

I’m gonna stop here today because I gotta run for an event, but I just want you guys to know that, Your fashion tells how you will be addressed… yeah a common saying, right? Well, it’s true. Don’t wear that mini skirt or loose top or cleavage pouring dress against your better judgment. Wear what you can boldly be addressed as respectful.

By Oluwatoyosi

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