4 Ideas to Slay With Bow Tie Pants Perfectly

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Do you like to wear bow tie pants? Don’t you find them fun when styling them? Stunning bow tie pants are one way to look fashionable when going out. Also, it is one of the best ways to look more casual. One can style them without, depending on the season and any occasion. Today, let’s have a look at how to style different types of bow tie pants fashionable.

Brown bow tie pants. Photo credit: Google 

If you were searching around for how to style your bow tie pants, then this post will inspire you on how to style with them and also on how to combine them classy. Bow tie pants take anything that is paired with them. It will all depend on how you want to style them when going out, either with a tight one or a loose one.

The following are 4 ways to wear bow tie pants.

1. Brown bow tie pants

Brown bow tie pants
Brown bow tie pants. Photo credit: Google 

A brown bow tie is our first style to look at, and it really looks great. The front bow tie will create a perfect style that will make anyone like the style so much. There are so many outfits to combine with. It can be a top, t-shirt, or crop top, depending on the place you want to visit and with whom. If it is in a cold climate, you may decide to combine an oversized coat and layer a sweatshirt. Pairing sneakers, heels, top shoes, or ankle boots, will make a unique and classy style.

2. Green side bow tie pants

Green side bow tie pants
Greenside bow tie pants. Photo credit: Google 

With this one, the bow tie will be on the side. And it will create a unique style that will help you to stand out from the crowd. You may decide to combine a top tank or a white off-the-shoulder turtleneck. Adding accessories is a win over fashion and a true way to look more stylish when going out. High heels will be great footwear to be accompanied by the style. The look can be styled when going on a date or when going out to hang out with friends.

3. Pink bow tie pants

Pink bow tie pants
Pink bow tie pants. Photo credit: Google 

Wearing a pink outfit is a win already over fashion! I like it when pink goes with white, navy blue, or black colors. Any of them can make a great combination. Wearing a pink bow tie when going out is one way to look pretty. The style can be styled in all seasons and at either an office or at a party, it will look classy and amazing. Combining black cut-out or open heels will be great.

4. Striped bow tie pants

Striped bow tie pants
Striped bow tie pants. Photo credit: Google 

Another amazing way to style with bow tie pants when going out, just looking gorgeous. Styling with striped bow tie pants is one way to look more fashionable and pretty. Pairing a t-shirt or shirt would be a good combination. The style can be styled when going to a party. Also, the style can make a casual style and at the same time, it can create a street fashion. Combining ankle boots, heels or sneakers will be a great team.

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