4 Most Stylish and Hottest News Anchors

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The media has brought about so much in terms of technology all the way to news presentations or any other presentations as news is no longer delivered by dull uninterested reporters. Today, news anchor channels aim at making the news or stories more interesting by employing attractive news anchors with charming personalities and good taste in fashion who can grip the attention of the viewers for a long period. When I normally watch the news I always do look at the dress code of the news anchor to see how they are boosting the fashion industry. Here are some of the most attractive and hottest news anchors with good taste in fashion.

  1.  Anjana Om Kashyup

hottest news anchors Anjana Om Kashyup


She is a well-known Indian anchor and journalist. She began her career as a journalist in the year 2003. She has received several awards including the best Reporter of the year by National Television awards and many more.

2. Hottest News Anchors Abigail Huntsman

Hottest News Anchors Abigail Huntsman

Abigail Huntsman is another television host and journalist from the united states with good taste in fashion.

Hottest News Anchors Abigail Huntsman 1


3. Clare Richardson

Clare Richardson hottest news anchors

Clare Richardson is a beautiful berlin-based Multimedia journalist who works as a news anchor and reporter for DW News.

As a girl who is much into fashion and stylish outfits you should look up to her as your mentor.

4. Hottest News Anchors Sonia Shenoy

Hottest News Anchors Sonia Shenoy

She is an Indian TV anchor who started her career as a business journalist in the year 2007. With her charming personality, she makes even dull stories interesting.

Hottest News Anchors Sonia Shenoy 1

These women have gripped the hearts of the audience with their charming personalities and their fashion outfits that are killer and they are intelligent too.

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