4 Must-have Voir Hair Care Products That Your Hair Craves For

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The brand started as a medium to empower women, not only through their impressive looks but also from within. Voir Hair Care was founded by beauty-obsessed creatives from Toronto, Canada. Today it’s not only a brand for luxurious hair care essentials which are typically designed to uplift and inspire women around the world but also takes care of every ingredient used to design its products to boost women’s confidence from within and make each of her day an incredibly good hair day, no matter what the hair type is.

A brand born and raised in Canada, all of its products are proudly crafted in Canada itself. Apart from making sure that each of their products is unique, cleanly formulated, and has salon-quality hair care products that specialize in hair wellness. They also aspire to meet the needs of each of their consumers and are continuously aiming to launch more innovative and sensational products to reach each of their customers no matter what the boundaries are.

Talking about the brand’s vision- It’s their mission to make each hair shine with a tint of health to it every day. Voir Hair Care is simply aware of how good hair can boost a woman’s confidence from within which not only promotes her to look good but also to feel confident in herself.

Voir Hair Care is very well known for empowering and restoring confidence for all hair types. The brand here aspires to meet the needs of consumers and continuously aims to launch more innovative and sensational products to lead the market trend not only in the country of their origin but worldwide.

To reach as many of their target customers, the brand’s work is in full swing to reach out to their customers outside Canada. Talking about their recent collaboration, Voir Haircare launched its products across India, and to make sure that each of their products reaches each Indian household, the brand made sure to tie up with the country’s all-inclusive beauty marketplace Cossouq

Voir Hair Care is well known for its product range such as Voir Hair Care Shampoo, Voir Hair Care Perfecting Prism Color Protecting Pre Shampoo Treatment, and Voir Hair Care Soft Styling Foam, which stands as the one loved product by consumers amongst other hair care brands.

Keeping in mind the consumer’s choice the brand has designed and formulated all their products as vegan and cruelty-free. Making it a hot selling point in a country like India and across various other countries. The brand’s choice to produce vegan products and distribute their products coupled with Cossouq’s expertise in the Indian market resulted in an initial boost in their annual sales.

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Customer’s love for Voir Haircare’s unique hair care solutions:

Now once the products have been placed in the market and reached the target audience, the majority of the brand’s products become their customers’ favorites and must-use for them daily, for that salon finish hair day.

Following are a few of the brand’s best-selling products:

Walk in the Sun: The best-selling product

Voir has stuck to styling and treatment so far with products designed to be multipurpose. The bestseller is Walk in the Sun Hair Oil. This particular range of products brings in around 24% of five-item Voir’s sales.

This particular product is a lightweight, non-greasy oil featuring jojoba, rosehip, and sunflower oil that helps to lock in moisture and is best used on damp hair. The product is claimed to be so lightweight that one can use it daily between shampoos as a way to bring out the shine in hair.

What does this range of products do? It does what a typical hair oil does. Enhancing luster and shine, but it also can be used as a detangler and a protective barrier against salt water and chlorine. As each of Voiur’s products do- It helps your hair color last longer, and it has a custom-blended fragrance that attracts their customers a lot, which can be loosely termed as ‘hair-perfume’.

Rainforest Mist Flawless Finish Hair Spray: A must-use

Talking about this particular product- it’s a fine mist hairspray with light to medium hold and most importantly, non-aerosal! The product also has a nice and fresh floral musk scent and contains hydrolyzed keratin within it that helps to strengthen hair while keeping it in place too! Making it a must-have for the majority of their users.

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Rhythm of the Rain Hair Masque and Scalp Detox

This hair mask not only conditions the hair in depth, but also detoxes, and revitalizes your hair and scalp too. What makes this hair mask different from others? The answer is its way of application! As it can be used from root to tip without any worry of weighing hair down. This creamy hair masque soothes a dry, flaky scalp and is great especially for the summer season or for climatic conditions such as high humidity.

SECRETS IN THE SNOW SOFT STYLING FOAM– A must-have for curly hair

Velvety softness for your curly hair is now just a cool whip away! The product feels no less than a blanket of downy soft snow for your hair, marula oil’s rich froth is the daily key to crunch-free, hydrating goodness that hushes flyaways and puts your curls on repeat.

Following is the list of ingredients used to prepare this particular product:

Marula Oil: Rich in nourishing oleic acid, it weightlessly absorbs into each strand to smoothen the hair shaft and replenish moisture.

Kukui Oil: A nut oil packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that hydrates overworked hair and soothes a dry scalp.

Bamboo Extract: One of nature’s best sources of silica, it helps fortify locks and enhance luster and shine.

Talking about the brand’s vision- It’s their mission to make each hair shine with a component of health to it every single day. The brand is very well known for empowering and restoring confidence for all hair types. They aspire to meet the needs of consumers and continuously aim to launch more innovative and sensational products to lead the market trend.

And guess what? Whatever this band from Canada has aspired to deliver to its loyal customers, they have proven it all. Making the brand Voir haircare customer’s first choice when it comes to choosing a vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free brand giving you a salon-like perfection of your hair in the comfort of your home.

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