4 Nail Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

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Hello, and happy day today, and cheers to the Goodlife so far. Today I’m taking you through some new nail trends in the market that looks amazing for all your outfits. These trends are the new trends that some of the celebrities have featured and they look perfectly outstanding. Twenty-twenty you saw a number of nail art trends that heated the market from manicures to the colorful french tips that we turned to as the temperatures soared.

As an upcoming beauty editor, I’m keen to know what we will all be booking in for at our beloved nail parlor this festive season. If you are longing to book that all-important nail appointment and you don’t know what nail styles will suit you up keep on scrolling down below and I hope you will find the one perfect for you.

  1.  French Illusion Nail Trends

French Illusion Nail Trends

These kinds of nail trends have taken over our social media feeds, recently. The Ombre effect creates a three-dimensional look that gives the illusion of light and shadow on the nails.

2. Sensorial Nail Trends

Sensorial Nail Trends

Sensorial nails with tactile textures will be big news for this festive season.

3. Velvet Nail Trends

velvet nail trends

This trend is still gaining momentum with varying application methods and designs. It has shimmering polishes that react with magnetic exposure, creating a dual-toned effect that resembles the expensive look of velvet.

4. Molten Metallics

metallic nail trends

Molten metallics and iridescent silver finishes give an out-of-this-world, virtual-reality feels to the nails.

I see this trend is going to gain momentum soon and I don’t want you to be left out. Book that appointment as soon as possible to get the best of it.

These are some of the trending nail styles in the market today and I hope that from the information above you have made your decision of booking that nail appointment.

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By Roseann Wangui

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