4 Pearl Outfit Of The Day Ideas

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Feeling extra cool and luxurious? I think a Pearl Outfit is for you. Here is the different style of a Pearl Outfit of the day you might want to try on your next look.

Look #1 Pearl Beaded Crop Top


Who wants to try and wear this Pearl beaded crop top? I’ve been yearning to buy a pearl top and I can’t find the right one. This one may be too much for an outfit but it looks exquisite and let’s say extra special for daily wear. You can pair it with white fitted or wide-leg pants with your high stilettos.

Look #2 Big Pearl Style For Crop Top


No worries, it’s not that heavy to wear 😅. This style may be a little bit different with all the pearls and glamour but let me tell you, it gives an impression. With this top, you can pair it with whatever bottom you have. It could be a tote skirt, mini skirt, a trouser, wide-leg pants, or fitted pants. A short is a nice combo for this big pearl crop top too.

Look #3 Pearl Bralette Top 


Bralette top is not unusual for many of us. It’s a new trend that hits the fashion world in the past year. But this pearl bralette? It hits different from the mass, especially in fashion and style. It looks class and chic plus you can pair it with whatever you have in the closet. A nice pair of heels is a plus point for this style as well.

Look #4 Pearl Outfit Turtle Neck Top


I don’t know about you but this top is such a vibe! It has perfect detail and the cuts are exceptionally attractive. You can pair it with whatever bottom you have. For the shoes, always choose the best and make sure to match them with the whole outfit.

Photo credit to the respective owners. Thank you ❤

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