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K-pop is ruling the world nowadays. Korean music is advancing in different parts of the world and they have a huge fan base in Europe side as well. Their music and fashion sense are impeccable. Not just their versatile music but also their fashion looks at their concerts, different events, and especially the airport fashion. Our favorite idols are no less than any fashion model when it comes to style, elegance, and high-end fashion looks. We have seen many idols wearing loose and oversized clothes as most of them prefer comfort over elegance but still, it turned out to be a trend around the globe. If you are searching for stylish K-idol for outfit inspiration and want some outfit ideas this is the article you should read. You can create your own personal style. So here are the best 5 K-pop idol looks who have taken airport fashion games to the next level!


V aka Kim Taehyung is the ultimate optimum of fashion. His fashion sense and charming personality are praised all around the world. Besides his singing career, he is also a successful model career as he has already been on the covers of big fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Last year he was spotted at the airport for his arrival for Paris Fashion Week for Celine as he is a global ambassador as well and their main face. He wore a sleeveless white shirt with a leopard print shirt and black pants. His fluffy hair and stunning visuals made fans fall for his cuteness and we cannot deny that as we were one of them!


K-pop V of BTS

2. IU

IU is one of the top female K-pop idols. She has a large fan base and considers to be the queen of K-pop. IU is not just beautiful but also portrays a soft girl image with beauty in her brain. She appeared at the airport wearing a denim skirt with a white tee and white shirt on top of it. She carried a medium size simple bag with styling hair cute ponytail with little bangs. She looks an absolute angle in that look.

K-pop UI


Jimin is a vocalist of the famous boy band BTS. He has a soft personality but has a different aura which makes him different from others wherever he goes. Jimin airport fashion looks have always been in headlines because of his charming personality and cute smile. His looks at the 2019 airport arrival wearing a long black trench coat with a waist belt along with a green turtle neck and a hat. His face was covered but still, this airport look of Jimin is going down in history!

K-pop JIMIN of BTS


Eun Woo is a member of the band Astro famous for his soft visuals. This look of Eun Woo is more of a cuddly and casual look. He wore a wool coat by Burberry in cashmere color with its embroidered monogram zipped hoodie and their tank pants at Incheon Airport. He looks stunning with his captive visuals and personality.



Jungkook is the main vocalist of BTS. He has a huge fan base around the world and we can call him king of sold out as whatever he wore it got sold out in hours. He is mostly spotted wearing all black look with a strong personality presence. His rock star style fashion is one of the memorable looks as he wore a black outfit with a black long coat and jeans, stormer boots, and black mask, and a hat.

K-pop 23


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