5 Great Coffee Date Minimalist Outfit Ideas

example on a coffee date minimalist outfit
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Who among you here loves to go on a coffee date? 🙌 I think a coffee date is the sweetest date for coffee lovers just like me. For today’s blog we will talk about 5 coffee date minimalist outfit ideas you might want to try.

Coffee Date Minimalist Outfit #1: White Top On Jeans

White Top on denim skinny jeans is the go-to outfit for a coffee date. It has a minimalist touch with a white-on-the-white style of the garterized fitted white top and white comfy flipflops together with a palm apricot tote bag that matches the belt. Just add some pieces of jewelry and you’re ready to go!

Coffee Date Minimalist Outfit #2: Blush Pink Sweater On A Legging

If you are planning on a coffee date in a cold-weather I think this style is for you. Any color of sweater that will match your sneaker is such a minimalist vibe for a coffee date. To keep you warm, bring a bonnet hat with you for additional style.

Coffee Date Minimalist Outfit #3: Black Turtle Neck Top On Trousers

Who says apricot trousers are not good for a blacktop? I’d wear this look on a lazy day with comfy loafers or flipflops. You can even pair it with a black turtle neck sweater for an edgier look. Accessories are a must for a black top and apricot trousers as well.

Coffee Date Minimalist Outfit #4: White Sweater Top On Short Shorts

Minimalism 1.1! A white sweater on short shorts is on point for a coffee date minimalist outfit idea for you. It is simple and comfortable with a sneaker or loafers.

Coffee Date Minimalist Outfit #5: White Dress Style

Aside from denim jeans on white top or short shorts style, Dress is the most picked out outfit for ladies who are lazy in the mix and match outfits, especially for minimalist ladies.

Take note, to achieve a minimalist look try to wear one or two colors. Like white on white or white on black. That’s how minimalism in fashion is. Avoid wearing a lot of colors as well as a lot of jewelry if you are aiming for minimalism.

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