5 Grooming Tips to Rock your Forties

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For most women, the forties are the Valley of Doom–the time when youth officially ends and middle age comes calling.  It’s a time full of strange changes happening to our bodies and minds, we cannot brush off the feeling that we’re being sidelined by younger, prettier things, and most of us end up feeling abandoned, unsure and yearning to get back our past.

Everyone dreads going there so much that we even put off thinking about it.  As a result, when we actually arrive in our forties (an inescapable phenomenon) we have no motivation or even knowledge to look and feel our best. But the forties are by no means the end of the world. With just a little more effort, we can look and feel as vibrant, lively and attractive as we choose. So today, let’s look at five grooming tips that can get you rocking your forties effortlessly! 

1. Choose clothes that fit your body

 To conceal the fact that our bodies are no longer as willowy as our twenties or thirties, most women take to wearing shapeless clothing in the forties, and that’s a huge mistake because it immediately looks frumpy.  To look your best, make sure you choose clothes that fit you properly.  I don’t mean you try to fit into tighter clothes, but rather wear clothes that are moulded around your body shape to the best of your advantage.  Like we see Reese Witherspoon here in this beautiful midnight blue shimmer dress.


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Image Courtesy: Getty Images

2.  Use feminine accessories

The most important item we lose in our forties is our enthusiasm for embellishing our outfit with the right kind of accessories.  For most of us, accessories are usually limited to jewellery or hand purses when we enter our forties.   But feminine accessories are a great way to knock years off yourself, and items like scarves, chains, anklets and even flowers could be a great way to look and feel young.  Look at the effortlessly stylish way in which Jane Fonda carries that silk scarf well into her eighties!

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Image courtesy: Getty Images

3. Wear bright colours

In many cultures worldwide, the arrival of the forties is announced by putting off wearing bright colours–probably one of the reasons is because bright colours don’t always look ‘sensible’.  But it is never a bad idea to save some of that special fizz of your youth and occasionally spray the world with the brightest of colours! Wouldn’t you agree if you see how ageless and graceful Michelle Yeoh looks in this sunshine suit with slightly oversized sleeves and a trim pair of specs with a hint of sparkle!

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Image courtesy: Pinterest

4. Wear contemporary trends that suit your fashion style

Several fashion trends include comebacks.   So if you see the return of a trend you followed in your younger days, chances are you might still be able to carry it off–so go for it (unless you think it would make you look childish, which is an entirely different concept from looking young)!  You can also go for a completely new contemporary trend if you feel it would look great on you…that is a big part of the fun! No one says it like Halle Berry here with her sheer corset top, a distinct fashion item of 2022.


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Image Courtesy: Splash News

5. Exercise enough and get lots of rest

Two things I can’t stress enough are the importance of exercising diligently and getting enough rest. Our forties are the times when both these factors are extremely crucial for us to maintain our physical and mental health.  So go out and work that body out, drink lots of water, eat as many fresh fruits as you can, get a minimum of seven hours of sleep, and see the glow of your youth return!

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Image Courtesy: Self.com

By Parna Das

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