5 Makeup Essentials For A Perfect Base

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Today people usually use makeup products as they want to look enticing and glamorous. Makeup has now taken numerous faces like lipstick, cream, toner, kajal, eyeliner, etc. Not only women but men also use makeup to look alluring. Makeup builds your self-esteem and the esteem of others. It makes you bold and depicts your personality as well. Today I am going to tell you about some makeup essentials for a perfect base.

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Toner is a basic makeup that should be applied before applying any other makeup product to your skin. It removes toxins and chemical components from your skin and acts as a cleaner by cleaning the pores from within. It makes your skin look glossy and brighter.


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It is a type of cream that should be applied after toner and before any other product. It increases the space and the time period for which cosmetic products last on your face.

Foundation Makeup Essentials

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Foundation is a powder or liquid used to make a basic color-matching with the skin tone or sometimes maybe to change the skin color. Some foundations protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.


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Concealer really helps to make your skin finer by hiding dark circles, wrinkles, aging, acne, spots. It absolutely makes your skin attractive.

Contour Makeup Essentials

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Contour is used for restructuring the shape of your skin. You can easily mold your face into different shapes. It creates shadows and lightens your skin.

These were the essential makeup items that you should use to enhance your makeup, make your skin look glamourous, and hide blemishes.

By Ashi Trivedi

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