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Do you have heavy hair loss? don’t worry just follow these 5 methods to prevent hiar loss.

Many people struggle to prevent hair loss as one of the most common lifestyle problems. This can lead to dandruff in the rainy season, summer, sick conditions, and winter. In addition to these factors, the Covid-19 infection has led to an increase in hair loss rates for all ages in recent times. The latter govt effects include problems with excessive hair loss and hair quality. A good diet rich in vitamin A, protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin C is the first step to healthy hair.

Apart from this, you can get healthy hair and skin by making some lifestyle changes. Yoga is a powerful activity. It has many benefits including hair health and practicing on a daily basis can do wonders for hair and skin. In this article, you will find about five yoga asanas that can help prevent hair loss and promote a healthy scalp.




For those who suffer from digestive problems, Vajrasana is recommended. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the main medication that can fix gastric ulcers most really. It helps to greatly promote hair growth and doing this asana for five to ten minutes after a meal can significantly improve digestion. As such it also helps in gradual hair health.



Adho Mukha Swanasana

Sun salutation with twelve poses is considered as one of the best yoga asanas for overall health. Ato facial massage is very effective in improving blood circulation and oxygen circulation in the scalp. It helps to promote hair growth well. Doing this asana daily for a while can greatly hair loss.




The headrest or headstand seat is a tricky pose. This position allows blood flow to the head. It helps to improve blood flow to the scalp and reduce baldness. The scalp also reduces hair loss and improves the quality of the hair. Initially, you may need the support of someone else to do this asana.




Also known as Fish Pose, this posture can be generously tried by those who want to have a long, strong and shiny mane. The fish pose involves pulling the head back. It again increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the scalp. By doing this asana exercise daily, you can get rid of not only hair loss but also most hair problems.




This asana helps to deal with stress and digestive problems. Both of these problems can lead to hair loss. By sitting on the palanquin, it shrinks the abdomen and reduces stress due to better blood flow to the head and whole body. Due to this, hair loss can be controlled. Exercising Balasana seven to ten times daily for at least eight seconds will help improve the health of the hair.


Just follow the 5 ways, you will definitely avoid hair loss in natural. this is very healthy for your life. I hope you enjoyed this article, please share this article in your social media & friends & family. Thanks.

By Sarvan


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