5 On-Trend Haircuts 2022

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2022 is a year full of experiments in ‘Trends’ when it comes to fashion and beauty. Of course, haircuts are one on the list of trends! So here are the 5 on-trend haircuts you might want to try on for a new look and a better you!

Cut #1 Pixie Cut 💇‍♀️

Pixie Cut 1
Pixie Cut 2

A Pixie haircut may be a little bit too much for short hair but I bet it gives you a fresh and clean haircut for 2022! It’s the haircut that I called moving on to a new beginning. A pixie haircut is a perfect match this summer especially if you live in a hot country. With this haircut, you’ll feel cool even under the sun!

Cut #2 Short Shoulder Length-Cut 💇‍♀️

Short Shoulder Length-Cut 1
Short Shoulder Length-Cut 2

If you want a haircut that will make you look younger and fresh then this shoulder-length cut got you! This haircut is very chic and modern especially if you have very straight hair. Don’t worry because this haircut is easy to pair with every outfit you have in the closet.

Cut #3 Curtain Bang Haircut 💇‍♀️

Curtain Bang Haircuts 1
Curtain Bang Haircuts 2

Tired of having long and straight hair? Then try this curtain bang haircut! It’s quite similar to Kate Middleton’s haircut and yes, it’s a very duchess look! With a pair of formal dresses or a pencil skirt and sleeve on top and heels looks perfect on this haircut.

Cut #4 Long Layered On-Trend Haircuts 💇‍♀️

Long Layered On-trends Haircuts 1
Long Layered On-trend Haircuts 2

This haircut is very common for most of the ladies out there. It’s everyone’s favorite I guess and yes having long hair is hard to maintain but it’s pretty to look at, would you agree? Plus you can make many different hairstyles with long hair.

Cut #5 Medium Haircut 💇‍♀️

Medium Haircut 1
Medium Haircut 2

A medium haircut is a haircut that gives a posh look. With this haircut, it is easy for you to pick an OOTD as well as to choose the best hairstyle. It’s no different from the Long Layered haircut but this one is a nice and fresh haircut you might want to consider.

Care to share what haircut you have right now? Mine is a medium-long haircut. Comment down below. ❤

Photo credit to the respective owners. Thank you ❤.

By Belle Willow

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