5 Outfits that Exhibit the Blazer Over Hoodie Trend this 2023

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Layering is one of the easiest and most stylish ways to be in fashion. Nowadays, we all know that hoodies are all the rage for streetwear, casual and urban clothing while blazers function in the office setting. What if we put together the two? Now that is something that we see on the rise as the blazer over hoodie combination is becoming trendy these days. This can be a little bit tricky since putting on layers and layers of tops and outerwear can make one look bulky. While it may seem that this approach works for winter or colder weather for the most part, one can still incorporate this style by considering the type of materials and fabrics for the pieces of clothing used. Below are just some of the ways to dress yourself up in this trend.

Don a black and white pairing. It is like going back to the basics and the classics with this look. This is very wearable and anyone can pull this off because of the monochrome palette. In addition, as they are contrasting, you shift and focus your attention on the hoodie in white as it becomes visible when paired with a snug blazer in black. It is wise to wear skinny jeans or leggings to balance the volume of your upper pieces with your bottom.

blazer over hoodie 1

Mixing and matching with unconventional pairing. Most of the looks out there team up the blazer and hoodie with a pair of pants. So how about wearing a skirt for your bottom this time? To make it edgier and more sophisticated, have one with a slit, and then wear some fishnet stockings with a pair of booties to complete the look.

blazer over hoodie 2

Wear a fair power suit but make it appear athletic. This means trying on a structured, tailored suit co-ords for your blazer and trousers in plaid then having a hoodie as inner, and then cinching your waist with a belt. The pair of sneakers will alter the whole ensemble from formal to sporty. It has a polished feel to it but with a quirky vibe.

blazer over hoodie 3

Play with colors. Do not be afraid to try and experiment with your palette. You may combine hues that are easy on the eyes. This could also easily pass for a somewhat color-blocking style with your hoodie and pants in solid colors and then your blazer that comes with the two shades. Finish it off with a pair of black patent heels.

blazer over hoodie 4

Make use of texture. Opt to have your hoodie in cotton then wear a fleece blazer. Don’t forget that you can also work around your bottom by giving a pair of leather pants/leatherette leggings a try. Even if you are leaning towards neutral, muted, or earth tones, the touch and feel of your clothing will surely make your look a little more interesting than usual.

blazer over hoodie 5

While being fashionable is the goal, we should not forget that this trend is comfortable too! Hope you got some notes on these styling tips.

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