5 Questions Most Ladies Hear About Fashion and Style

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Fashion and style is a broad word for many of us. It is a word that when you mention, you can think of many things and you can widen your imagination in many different ways. Fashion is a favorite term for ladies who love styling, designing clothes, and dressing up. Fashion is the life of famous designers and fashion lovers who are still discovering what style they want for themselves. And fashion helps many of us to express ourselves in a way of dressing up. It is our way to be ourselves and to be confident in everything that we do.

As fashion evolves all through the years, many of us have tended to exchange a style for a new and different one. And this is because we want to belong to what’s new to the world. Remember 2010’s edgy look fashion trends in America? Wherein denim ripped jeans, motorbike jacket looks for women, and leopard prints are on-trend? And oh! It’s not just in America but it is a whole wide world trend in fashion during that year. And then after a while, a new style has been introduced as well to the fashion world.

As ladies discover their style we somehow heard words from our peers or other people who don’t understand our differences in fashion and style. So here are the Top 5 questions that most ladies hear about fashion and style. 



Number #1 📌

Why is it there are still a lot of ladies who want to be basic in fashion and style? 

– This question may be common for all of us and I’m one of those basic ladies in the world of fashion and styling and that’s okay, girls. Basic styles are also fashion and it is a style of ladies who wants to stay simple yet classic in every outfit. If I were to answer, I would choose a Basic Style because aside from my comfortability is my number one concern, basic style always gives me a sense of simplicity and minimal to a casual look for my everyday outfit. The basic style usually consists of outfits like denim jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, and a crop top. Sometimes other ladies wear a basic outfit like cycling shorts paired with an oversized t-shirt. We all have different styles in styling ourselves with a basic style and whatever it is as long as you are comfortable then go with it and never mind other people calling you ‘basic and simple’ because their opinion does not matter. Being basic is the most practical way of dressing up. 

Number #2 📌

Why do some ladies wear weird outfits? 

Believe it or not but I always heard people asking this question. What is she wearing? Isn’t that too much? Is she not ashamed wearing that? Those are the few awful questions most people asked ladies wearing outfits like a trench coat paired with a legging underneath and a mini skirt on with a cardigan or sweatshirt on top. These are the styles that some ladies love to wear. It’s usually a layer-on-layer style which not all of us will understand especially those people who are not into fashion. And sometimes, ladies wear an overdressed outfit that looks weird to others. Like a skin tone legging of a top that will make you look like you are not wearing anything and that’s absolutely weird and at the same time it’s a fashion trend, most ladies wear even celebrities wear it. It may be weird for others but it is a fashion and style of a lady who wants to show her inner self with her weird cool outfit.

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Number #3 📌

Why do some ladies love to wear Terno on Terno style? 

Is this common? Nope! it’s not, because even in the 1960s to 80s ladies wore a terno on terno style. These are the styles that what you wear on top is the same as your bottom. Usually, it’s a top and a long skirt and sometimes it’s a soft-top paired with pants. I think Terno on Terno style is never out in the fashion world. Instead, it is modernized as fashion evolves each day. Since we are now in the 21st-century terno on terno style is usually designed and style to a crop top and short shorts. There are also terno styles that are a tank soft top with a soft skirt or loose high-waisted pants and that is a very cute style for a terno on terno.

Number #4 📌

A lady who can’t afford new and on-trend clothes is average in fashion and style? 

Now tell me, do we need to buy new clothes and on-trend fashion just to be stylish? Absolutely not! Being fashionable does not define by the new clothes you bought in a luxurious brand. Even if you wear old clothes that you get from your mother you can still turn them into a new ones and make them stylish whatever look you want. Actually, vintage clothes are the most beautiful outfit you could ramp on the city streets with your high shoes on. Old outfits do not make you look average in fashion. It’s a style and everyone has a different taste in fashion.

Number #5 📌

Ladies continue to ‘endure just for the sake of beauty and fashion’? 

When I first heard this from a friend I was laughing because somewhat it’s true. I am living proof that (some) ladies continue to endure just for the sake of beauty and fashion. For example, I live in a tropical country and it is very hot here that I cannot even wear heavy makeup every day because it will be a disaster even if I’m using waterproof makeup. It is very uncomfortable. But some ladies in my country still wear heavy makeup that makes me wonder, they can do that? And yes, they can! Even if they are sweating a lot and the makeup will smudge everywhere to their faces they will still wear makeup because they are used to that. Another one is a lady wearing uncomfortable heels just to look great on her outfit even if the exchange of it is a blister on the foot. That is a few examples of a lady enduring just for the sake of beauty and fashion.

To be honest, I do not blame ladies for doing these things, like enduring or what because as a lady we all want to look great even if it’s very annoying and uncomfortable. We all want to look stylish and presentable always and fashion and beauty help us a lot not just to look beautiful but it makes us confident. I think there is nothing wrong with it as long as it makes us happy.

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We all have differences when it comes to how we bring ourselves to fashion, beauty, and styling. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful and feeling beautiful because that’s what we are. I know there are still a lot of ladies out there who are afraid and ashamed to come out because they are scared of judgments but we shouldn’t be afraid and there is nothing to be scared of. As I always said, People will always and always judge us even if we did not do anything wrong. That is a cancer of society and we cannot do anything about that because change will always start in a person. If they don’t change themselves for judging us wearing weird outfits, uncomfortable heavy makeup, being average and etcetera we cannot do anything about that. The problem is not Us, it’s THEM. Just always remember that being different is beautiful too.

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