5 Reasons for Hair Fall

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There are various types of medical conditions that are responsible for hair fall. Reasons can be mental, physical, or sometimes stress that has an effect on the cause of hair fall in women as well as men.

There are common reasons why the loss of hair is common today. But there are other factors that you may have noticed or not, we would like to share them with you.

1. Genetics

Genetics is mainly considered for the loss of hair. Check-in your family history; if a mother or father has faced these issues, if yes, there is a chance that it will be passed on to children. If a woman finds her family has a history of having hair fall, they should surely stop the use of birth control pills. If anyone in the family is bald or has less hair, then there is a probability that you may find yourself being bald too.

2. Diet

Diet has an important role. People are advised not to go low on protein intake. Your hair gets nourished through what you eat. So, it is very necessary to fill yourself up with good nutrients and mineral food. People who have poor eating habits certainly have a chance of hair shedding. Malnourishment or lack of explicit vitamins or nutrients will have an effect on the health and strength of your hair. This can turn hair from thick to thin or get uprooted since the root of the hair becomes weak. It is vital to envision that your diet contains all the mandatory vitamins and nutrients so your hair has a long life. If your body receives complete nourishment, your skin and hair do not suffer from any loss.

3. Hair Gel and Products

All people from teens to adults make use of branded hair products to look beautiful or change hairstyles. Hair dye won’t cause hair to plug out of your head, but slowly or on frequent use, it will cause breakage which can ultimately turn it dry and shed away. The volume of hair becomes less. It is vital to make sure from hair experts that you are not using an excessive amount of hair product, overriding any of the hair products can cause harm, or cause it to become very weak.

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4. Disease or Illness

In many women, conditions, like the thyroid, are responsible for causing hair loss. Symptoms like these in women are often red flags for making them bald. If you are experiencing loss of hair or any abnormal symptoms, seek a consultation from a doctor to detect if you are suffering from thyroid. An illness like Lupus has immense impacts on the health of an individual, as well as excretory organ issues, and heart conditions. Many health conditions can link to hair loss. Since an illness like Lupus does not get detected easily and increases slowly, visiting a doctor to seek treatment for it would help to stop the loss of hair.

5. Lifestyle

Sometimes hair loss will occur due to the way a person handles them. Traveling, working outdoors, etc. can expose your hair to dirt and pollution. It becomes necessary to protect your hair from the environment. Women are recommended to tie their hair gently since putting a pull on the hair will make their roots weak. Twisting hairs or pulling them forcefully while combing can make them weak. You often see a few hairs on the comb when you do it.


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