5 Sustainable Fashion Looks The World Needs Right Now

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Who says sustainable fashion is passe? That it’s just a discussion that the fashion industry is trying to bring to the table but cannot take off because it is not wearable and hip? Some fashion houses look at sustainability by producing materials via organic means. Such as minimal use of cotton or organically growing them or looking for an organically grown alternative material, or stopping the use of leather and using plant-based materials instead.

The truth is, we are not addressing the issue well. What this means is just another exploitation of other resources and producing more waste that will end up in the landfills. What will happen to the trillions of textiles that had already been produced? What about the waste and scraps from clothing factories? What do we do about the surplus clothing from retail shops?

To be sustainable, let’s make use of what we already have. It is by recycling materials and turning them into wearable haute couture. Let’s stop producing more textiles or more clothes and start recycling. Below are just some of the most beautiful sustainable fashion designs made from scraps for some inspiration.

Denim Dress

denim dress sustainable fashion

Yes, it requires skillful hands and mastery of pattern-making to make a dress like this out of scraps. The dress is a patchwork of different denim textures and washes with a striking black taping accent that runs on bias cutting. This is truly a work of art. What is more interesting is the embroidery patch on the sides of the bodice which gives it a refined feminine appeal.

Patchwork Overcoat

sustainable fashion patchwork overcoat

This overcoat is made of Ankara cloth, which originates from the African continent. They come in bold and contrasting colors that evoke the colorful diverse culture of African people. What is surprising is the way the prints work together and create harmony in the design. Sometimes, it is a challenge to match and put different patterns and prints together but I think this is the beauty of Ankara prints. Check out this Etsy Shop for more of these.

Braidwork Denim by Chanel

sustainable fashion Braidwork Denim by Chanel

You wouldn’t want to throw away your old pieces of denim after you see this coat from Chanel. It is a combination of navy-colored and pale denim and matte sequined cloth, masterfully woven together into a mat-like canvas. The result is astounding. You can do this too with your old pieces of denim. Instead of throwing them away, think of something to do with them.

Patchwork Dress by Dolce and Gabbana

One of my favorite collections on the runway in 2021 and perhaps one of my top 5 favorites of Dolce & Gabbana. This display how skilled the seamstresses and patternmakers the House of D&G has. Truly, chiffon and silks are the most difficult fabrics to manipulate if you want to achieve something like this. It takes a lot of patience and careful arrangement to put pieces together and avoid wrinkles. Look at this, it’s so profound and seamless!

Leather Dress on Gillian Anderson

The brand Chloe is one of the big names in fashion that has adopted a sustainable approach in its design production. They have released several outfits that use patchwork patterns such as this one worn by Gillian Anderson at Variety Icon Awards recently. It is made of colored lambskin leather that the brand use in their bags. I love the way the colors are arranged in a tile-work which gives that warm youthful and elegant feminine feel. Another plus is the  A-line silhouette which will look good on women of any size.

Photo credit: Getty Images

By Jonquil Dun

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