5 Types Of Everyday Makeup Looks

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Makeup is one of the most favorite things a woman does every day. A lot of us are wearing makeup to make us look beautiful and more presentable. For some, makeup gives them the power of confidence, and for others, they feel empowered and resilient. Here are the types of everyday makeup looks.

5 Types of Everyday Makeup Looks:

Simple Makeup


Simple makeup is the look that most woman who has a busy schedule would choose to wear. It has a very easy step and it will not exceed 10 minutes to do this simple makeup look. Just a foundation, primer, powder, blush, lipstick and you’re ready to go!

Fresh Look Makeup


Comment ‘Hooray’ in the comment section if you are this type of girl who loves to wear fresh makeup look daily. This Fresh Look Makeup is a no-hassle since you can just fix your eyebrow and put on some lipstick or a lip gloss perhaps with a touch of blush so that you will not look pale.

Natural Glam Makeup


Natural Glam Makeup is my favorite kind of makeup. This is the look that I always wear for events like parties because I love how the natural and glam combined in one to my face and it is a perfect makeup for parties. Just make sure that you use waterproof makeup so that it will not easily fade off and will stay intact to your face until the party is over.

Even if it’s not waterproof makeup, just use makeup that is suitable for your skin type because there are a lot of makeup products that have bad quality and that is one of the reasons why girls are easily having dry skin and wrinkles because they use makeup products that is not even worthy to use.

Bridal Makeup


How about this Fresh Bridal Makeup Look? Even if you are not a Bride you can still wear makeup like this. It’s fresh and quite glam for events like weddings or any formal gatherings.

Night Out Makeup


This Night Out Makeup is good for whenever you are planning to have Night Out Party at the bar or a high-end party on the rooftop! I think that would be cool for this look. A night out makeup is somewhat heavy makeup since it’s nighttime. Usually, black eyeshadow or most of the makeup artists called as a ‘smokey eye’ kind of look. It’s very pretty and perfect for a night party especially if you are wearing red lipstick. It’ll add spice to the makeup as well as in the outfit.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, is it safe to say that makeup is a girl’s, good pal? I think it is! ☺

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By Belle Willow

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