5 Ways Petite Women Can Wear Wide-Leg Pants

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For small women, wide-leg pants might be a challenging trend to pull off, but you can totally rock this style with the appropriate styling tips. I’m a small woman myself, and over the years I’ve figured out a few methods to fit my 5’2″ body with wide-leg trousers. Here are 5 ways short women can wear wide-leg pants with confidence:

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1. Select a High-Waisted Look

Selecting a high-waisted style is the secret to wearing wide-leg pants that fit petites well. A high waist elongates your body, giving the appearance of longer legs. This lessens the volume of the wide-leg pants. Seek for trousers with wide legs that fall at or above your natural waist.

2. Wear with platforms or heels


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For small ladies wearing wide-leg pants, adding a little height with heels or platform shoes is another key styling tip. The additional lift contributes to a more streamlined, profile that lengthens the legs. To maintain proportion, go for a platform or chunky heel. Steer clear of delicate, thin heels as they could clash with the wide legs of the trousers.

3. Bring Your Top Up


wide-leg pants outfit 2

Whether it’s a bodysuit, t-shirt, or blouse, tucking it in is essential to pulling off a sleek, attractive look when worn with wide-leg trousers. The shirt that is tucked in defines your waist and keeps the broad trousers from making your body look too large. To maintain proportion balance, a half-tuck or French tuck is a good option.

4. Select a Reduced Length


Wide-leg or cropped trousers are usually the most attractive choices for petites. Any lengthier runs the risk of overwhelming your frame or shortening your appearance. Your leg appears longer because to the cropped length, which highlights more of it. Make sure the hem is fitted to fall precisely just above your ankle.

5. Wear a Jacket with Structure

To counterbalance the volume of the pants, pair your wide-leg pant look with a structured jacket, such as a moto jacket or blazer. A sleek, balanced profile is aided by the fitted top layer. Select a jacket that falls at or above your hips to prevent your figure from being cut off in an awkward place.

Petite women can pull off the wide-leg pant trend with these styling suggestions. To provide the appearance of longer, thinner legs, it’s important to select the ideal fit and proportions. Don’t be scared to try several looks until you find the polished, self-assured wide-leg outfit.

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