6 Novel Neon Nail Art Styles to Try This Spring

neon nail art
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Upbeat, cheery, and funky are some of the words which describe neon color the best. I always find neon as my go-to thing when I want to create a look that is bold, and stylish yet at ease. Similarly, neon nail art designs are flawless and a sure-shot way to make a courageous statement. I’m usually the kind of girl who is always ready to play with various pops of colors or try crazy nail designs. So, in today’s blog post, I thought of sharing the six trendy neon nail art styles that I am really excited to try this spring.


Neon Nail Art Trends For 2023

As we all know, neon nails are the latest development going around for the spring season. With more than 70% upsurge in Pinterest searches, green is the unexpected nail color that’s trending for spring. From pistachio, and sage to acid green; marching into neon green nails is precisely the kind of spring trend we need right now.

Accessorizing Neon Nail Art for Spring

Whereas understated pastel hues are the faultless way to add style and sophistication to your nails, neon colors are happy and they really catch the eye. Fluorescent nail colors look completely dissimilar and can give your nails a different look than what you have always worn. The great thing about neon nails is that you can use one neon color, and be audacious one day while being a little unpretentious the very next day. Combine them up with diverse solid tints or try out geometric neon nails, neon animal print nails, abstract neon designs, or neon glitter nails to really fashion your individual bravura.

How to Apply Neon Nail Polish Perfectly

Crafting neon nail art is tremendously simple and it takes very little time to dry up completely. For a smooth and even application, you can also use a speckling tool. Be sure to smear it off totally before swapping colors. Let your patterns dry fully to avert smudges. Once your design is dry put on an unblemished top coat. This will add luster and safeguard your design from imperfections and will also help your nail polish to typically last without chipping.

Are Neon Nail Polishes Environmentally Friendly?

Having a better idea of what are the core elements in many nail polishes will help you make better choices. It is fair enough to assume that nail polish can contain some severe chemicals, which can have a negative impact on your well-being, and on the planet. But, with lots of emphases given on ‘clean beauty’ these days, various major non-toxic nail polish brands have launched environmentally friendly neon nail polishes. All these polishes are vegan, earth- and human-safe and some even offer take-back programs for recycling their bottles.

6 Finest Neon Nail Art Styles Popular for Spring

Neon nails bring a burst of color and vibrancy to any outfit. From neon French tips to colorful gradient designs, there are endless ways to incorporate neon hues into your nail art.

Abstract Neon Nail Art Style

neon nail art 8

With abstract neon nail art styles, you can find ample ideas to help you refashion your very specific kind and lovely nail design. You are not constrained by designs. You can enhance as many fine points as you can or make the design totally uncluttered; depending on the look that you want to go for. The key to producing a flawless abstract nail art design is to select the right colors and theme for your nails. You can choose as many colors as long as they go along together and balance the design of your nail art. All you need is a base color, acrylic colors of your preference, and a strong top coat. Nonglossy and ascent patterns can also be drawn on top of the gradient-highlighted nails using black polish to complete the abstract effect. Use gallant black lines to draw a strengthening amplifying motion into the nails to craft a mysterious look.


Water Marble Neon Nail Art Style


neon nail art 7

Water marbling is very much in vogue these days. Try out water marbling with neon colors for a unique look. Water marble neon nail art designs look astonishing, and they are easier than they look when done with a toothpick. It produces attractive optimistic hues in an assortment coordinated cluster of shades. However, you can keep in mind some limited interesting arrangements of a toothpick on the color-plunged water to get your figures. Cover your nails with a white base paint beforehand for your water marbling. Stamp in your design with a top coat. Every nail in a different neon color looks good as a mix-matched design.

Neon Nail Art Style in Ombre and Leopard


neon nail art 6


neon nail art 5

You can use neon nail polishes such as red, pink, blue, and yellow to draw jagged semi-circles for the leopard outlines. To create a leopard print, merely draw a cluster of trifling uneven circles leaving the middle part uncolored to fill them later. The leopard spots are supposed to be random and a bit messy. On the other hand, feel free to use as many colors as you desire for the Ombre effect. Seal your leopard patterns with neon colors with a polish brush or by using a speckling tool. Replace amid each of the hues you are using on each nail until you have an Ombre outcome.

Polka Dot Neon Nail Art Style


neon nail art 3

Polka dots are a different, fun, and unassuming nail art design to attempt. Inordinate colors can be brought together to construct a delightful design. Polka dots are ageless prototypes and the most widespread nail art design for day wear as well as evening parties. It really makes the entire style contemporary.

Bold Geometric Neon Nail Art Style

neon nail art 2

You can also go for triangles if polka dots are not your bravura. Random triangles offer a more pronounced look if you want something different. Bold neon green hues look countless with triangles. Using grays, black and white with a gallant neon shade is also a good option. Similarly, nails in a zig-zag design with several different colors along with neon can also be fashioned throughout to give a stunning, intermingled effect; which you are sure to love.

Multi Colored Floral Neon Nail Art Style

neon nail art 1

Floral Neon nail art is an enjoyable seasonal nail design. This technique uses many diverse hues that really stand out. Basically, the neon color on each nail is alienated by floral patterns in other hues, which can easily be careworn on with a nail striper. These upbeat colors look prodigious with different floral designs. Try solid hues like dark blue with a hint of neon green for that multicolor upshot.

When it comes to crafting a fresh elegance, you cannot go wrong with neon nail art. So why not add some brightness to your fingertips this spring with some fun and funky neon nail art?

Let me know which neon nail art style you’ll be rocking this season!

Image Source: Pexels & Pinterest

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