6 Steps to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

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Lipstick is a quick and happy way to enhance your appearance and express your private style, but applying it may be complicated. When incorrectly applied, lipstick may appear choppy, may bleed onto your skin, and could fade too quickly. Thankfully, there are easy and powerful ways to apply lipstick and preserve it in location. In fact, we have 6 Steps to apply perfect lipstick.

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Follow These Steps to Apply Lipstick

1. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to moisturize and even out your lips. Lip balm nourishes your lips so they’re less likely to get dry and flaky. Additionally, lip balm can smooth out your lips by filling in uneven spots.

Then, apply the lip balm to your bottom lip from the center out to the corners. The lip balm should soak in soon after you apply it. If your lips feel gunky, gently wipe off the excess lip balm with a tissue before you apply your lipstick.

2. Trace your lips with a lip pencil to prevent bleeding if you like. You don’t have to line your lips, but it can keep your lipstick in place and define the shape of your lips. To apply the lip pencil, place your pencil at the center of your bottom lip and trace along your lip out to the corners on each side.
Pick a clear lip liner or a shade that’s close to your lip color for everyday use. These shades can go with any lip color. If you prefer, use a lip liner that’s the same color as your lipstick.
3. Smile so your application will be even. As you talk and move your mouth, your skin naturally stretches out, which can make your lipstick appear uneven. To make sure it’s layered evenly, smile slightly while you’re applying the lipstick. Try thinking of something that makes you happy  when you apply lipstick.
4. Start applying lipstick in the center of your lips. For the easiest application, apply it directly from the tube. To begin, position your lipstick at your Cupid’s bow on your top lip. Carefully dot the lip color onto your Cupid’s bow and the plump part of your lower lip.
5. Drag the lipstick from the center to the corner of your mouth. Swipe the lipstick from the center of your Cupid’s bow out to the corner of your upper lip. Repeat on the other side of your upper lip. Then, position your lipstick in the center of your bottom lip and spread it out to the corner of your bottom lip on each side.
6. Use your finger to fill in patchy areas with a second layer. Check your lips to see if the color looks even. If you have patchy spots, swipe a clean finger over the tip of the lipstick, then dab the color onto the patchy area.

Repeat as needed to fill in your lips.

As I said before lipstick can quickly and easily enhance your look but it can also work against you. Just follow these steps to apply lipstick and you should be able to turn heads at any event.

By Yusaira Fakhar

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