6 Ways To Stack Your Jewellery Like an ‘it’ Girl!

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In the world of ever-evolving fashion, one trend that always has us hooked is Stackable Jewellery! But you don’t have to empty your jewellery just to achieve this look. There is an art to tastefully stacking your jewellery!


6 ways to stack your jewellery like an ‘it’ girl!

~ Coz’ when it comes to jewellery, the more is merrier!


1. Club the necklaces

Stackable Jewellery: necklaces

“Less is more” doesn’t apply anymore!  The latest trend is to layer multiple necklaces of varying lengths or you could just go for pre-layered styles.

Tip: Use odd numbers – Layering and stacking odd numbers creates an asymmetrical look that captures the eyes and entices them into moving around all the pieces.


2. Brace(let) yourself!

Stackable Jewellery: bracelet

Choose a hero piece that could be worn with a watch or a bracelet that stands out. Then choose another to complement it by mixing metals and varying widths.


3. Ring it!

Stackable Jewellery: ring

A solo finger ring is so last decade! The key is to stick to one style and go OTT only on one or two fingers. Also seek out thin, delicate rings to keep the stack from being too busy.


4. Ear bling

Stackable Jewellery: earrings

Choose a statement piece, find a complimentary stud eating and add a huggie hoop earring to the mix.


Tip: Stick within the colour tone, all gold or all silver, when jewellery is stacking.


5. Anklets

Stackable Jewellery: anklets

Since layering anklets are now popular, you may mix and match various accessories to create an entirely own statement. Because they are so adaptable, charms and beads are a wise investment. Charms are interchangeable and may be used in a variety of different ways, including dangling from a necklace or dangling from an anklet.


6. Piercings


In 2022, layering, stacking, and arranging your piercings in completely original ways will be in style. Gone are the days when getting your ears pierced at the mall kiosk felt peak cool. I’m referring to elaborate rings, double hoops, and stud-studded clusters. And unlike your traditional, generic piercing, the one you get right now is all about you and your vibe.

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Blog by: Priya Grover

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