7 Most Daring Outfits by Lauren Alexis: Sexy and Bold!

Lauren Alexis double sit sexy dress
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Lauren Alexis is a renowned fashion icon who has been able to push far the fashion boundaries by coming up with new fashion icons that have well pleased the audience. Lauren can push her boundaries with her daring outfit choices that show some skin and make her able to make a bold statement at different events. In this blog, I will take you through some of the daring outfits of Laureen Alexis.


1. The Naked Dress

Laureen shows at the Met Gala with the stunning gown that makes her well-renowned where she makes the fans go gaga about her. She carefully selected the place of the embellishments that were followed up with a thong bodysuit which only helped her to make a bold statement on the event.

2. Underboob Extravaganza

Laureen shows at the extravaganza event with an underboob dress that helped her steal all the attention towards her side hence making her to be very unique as she also matched it with a crop top that made her high-waisted skirt that showed off her toned abs.

Lauren Alexis double sit sexy dress

3. Waist-High Slit

Laureen shows up with this dress that makes her stun in her way where she commands the attention towards her side. She proved that when one chooses to wear a dress should ensure that the fashion boundaries are higher. She showed this look with confidence when she posed confidently.


4. Barely-There Bikini

Laureen shows up with this bikini that makes her very unique where she shows up with her great bikini. Lauren showed her several photos that showed her left little imagination that made her to be termed to be a fashion icon.

5. Pasties as Outerwear

Laureen Alexis showed up with a nipple pasties dress that showed her elegance where she paired it with a risque look that was accompanied with ripped jeans and a knee boot that made her look incredible as she was unique from the rest and showed her elegance in herself.


6. Backless Wonder

Laureen Alexis shows up at this party with a stunning dress that dips down to the small of her back where she pleases her audience with her incredible looks that seem to captivate her audience more and inspire them more and more.

7. Thigh-High Slit

Laureen combines two of her signature look where she underboob with a thigh-high slit that seems to be very perfect with her sophisticated ensemble that oozed a crucial sex appeal to the audience hence commanding all the attention towards herself.





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