7 Reasons to Buy a Ruby Ring Now

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The rich and vivid red color of ruby is what makes it a popular gemstone. This exquisite gemstone has been shown in works of art for many generations and has been in existence for ages. One of the most sought-after gemstones in the marketplace for colored gemstones, this unusual jewel is unmatched in its magnificence.

They are an incredible choice for rings because of their high degree of hardness. They are quite rare and only exist in a few select regions of the globe. Moreover, transparent rubies are more uncommon than diamonds. They have a very appealing appearance thanks to their hardness and brilliance.

The ruby is an ideal pick for engagement rings due to its status as a prized gemstone. It also symbolizes devotion and romanticism. There are several reasons you might want to purchase a ruby ring. Let’s look at a couple of them.

Beautiful Color

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The most important criterion for assessing the quality of valuable stones, such as rubies, is color. The bright red hue of ruby is what makes it a popular gemstone. This remarkable gemstone is only available in that one color. Ruby stone’s primary color doesn’t change, although there may be some variances in its tone.

Ruby has a similar mineral composition as that of gemstones of the corundum family, like sapphire. Because it shares many of the same mineral characteristics as other sapphires, some people even refer to it as red sapphire. The element Chromium present in the ruby’s mineral structure gives it its red hue. Under natural light, it appears incredibly brilliant and lovely. From rosy colors to rich red, rubies come in various red tones.

insert the different shades of Ruby stone

Rich History

Every woman wishes to have a ruby ring in her jewelry collection because of its rich heritage. But what makes Ruby unique? Throughout history, humans have prized the precious stone known as the ruby because of its incomparable beauty.

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Rubies have existed for a long time and have a connection with aristocracy, nobility, strength, and desire. You may find evidence of a strong bond between the rich and famous and their rubies throughout history.

Incredible Durability

ruby gemstone

Make sure it can last long before spending money on an expensive item like a ruby ring. Fortunately, ruby is a strong stone with a Mohs hardness grade of 9. It implies that your ring will remain intact while being worn every day. It can withstand hits, dents, and scratches that daily tasks cause.

Moreover, because of the lack of cleavage in its structure, ruby is resistant to breaking, chipping, or cracking under gentle pressure. In addition, it can withstand exposure to heat and chemicals without breaking. Owing to their durability, ruby stone rings will make the ideal heirlooms for future generations to inherit as well as your perfect partner.

Birthstone of July

Upbeat and enthusiastic people are born in July. Ruby, a beautiful and popular jewel, is the birthstone for this month. Along with being utterly stunning, ruby will undoubtedly bring you fortune, love, and happiness because of its astrological value.

Passion and Wellbeing

It’s no wonder that a ruby gemstone will convey the same emotions since the color red is frequently linked to passion and emotion. Yet it’s also a symbol of longevity, a want for more and better things, and a prayer for good health.

High Worth and Rare

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Contrary to what we generally hear, diamonds aren’t the sole extremely rare and valuable gemstone in existence. Ruby is one example of a colored gemstone that is entering this market because of its high value and scarcity.

Its beauty and rarity add to its growing popularity and high value in the jewelry and gemstone market.


One of the factors that make rubies so popular is that they are less expensive than diamonds. Ruby has a hardness of 9, which puts it next to diamond in terms of durability on the Mohs scale. Nonetheless, this does not imply that these stones are any less gorgeous or of poorer grade.

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It is currently one of the most sought-after gemstones and is highly valuable. Now that you have sufficient reasons to purchase a ruby ring, all you have to do is consider your style that enhances your entire appearance while also being aesthetically pleasing. You can find beautiful ruby gemstones and ring designs at GemsNY.

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