7 Times Janelle Monae Outfits Became the talk of Town

Janelle Monae hot fashion
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Janelle Monae has been a powerhouse in the music and film industry. She is known for her bold and daring styles in fashion. She has been fearless when it comes to fashion display, creating a great legacy in this realm of fashion. She has been creative in her design choices.  Here are the seven times when Janelle Monae’s outfit became the talk of the town.

Janelle Monae polka dot dress

1. Met Gala 2019: Camp

Janelle Monae has shined with her style choices widely. At the 2019 Met Gala, Janelle became a masterpiece theme. She wore a modernized Christian ensemble that featured her curves. This ensemble was a perfect look that showed her natural beauty openly.

Janelle Monae hot fashion

2. 2020 Oscars

Janelle Monae has been stunning with a long-sleeved gown that covers her curves completely. At the 2020 AAcademy Awards, Janelle Monae displayed herself with a custom gown that was a past design. It was a simple look that was embraced by many of her fans.

Janelle Monae black ensemble

3. Black and White Signature Style

Black has been a vibrant color that has been attracting attention widely. Black has proved to be the perfect match for white which for sure is truly amazing. Black and White outfits have been a minimal look but a widely embraced one.

4. Afro-futurism at the 2019 Grammy Awards

At the 2019 Grammy Awards, Janelle Monae embraced Afro-futurism with a glowing look. She wore ragged blue jeans which were glowing in the presence of the sunlight. This outfit featured her beauty in clear detail which was a reason for much admiration.

Janelle Monae blackand whitestripped jumpsuit

5. “Dirty Computer” Album Launch

Monae dazzled with a fearless casual wear that she was embracing elegantly. It was a vibrant pink ensemble that featured her playful side.

Janelle Monae sexy dress

6. Embodying Prince at the BET Awards 2016

Monae’s performance has been a fashion highlight at the 2016 BET Awards. She wore a white custom with a black pant which made her the iconic of style. This look seemed to be both a homage as well as a testament to ability in the fashion sense.

7. Avant-Garde Elegance at the 2018 Met Gala

Janelle Monae wore a black and white Marc Jacobs gown which was striking her beauty elegantly. This wear was a real nightmare which was admired by many.



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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