7 Trendy Hairstyles to Copy from Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan hottest hairstyles latest hairstyles
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Lauren Cohan is a renowned talented actress who has been well-known for her incredible designs that have left many to be left in awe.  She has acted such movies like The Walking Dead where she made her great conquest name. Lauren Cohan has time and again proved that she is not only a star in the entertainment industry but also in the fashion industry where she has been spotted with great hairstyles that have many copies from her.


1. Tousled Lob:

Cohan put on this hairstyle that shows her great prowess in the fashion industry where she has a shoulder-length lob that shows her effortless style that shows her stylist collarbone-grazing cut that has a razored piece-y ends. She advises people to use a texture spray that adds movement and an undone vibe.

Tousled Lob cute hairstyle by Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan’s sexy hairstyle

2. The Soft Waves:

Lauren Cohan goes for this gorgeous hairstyle that makes her look impressive as she continues to be termed as a prospering star in the fashion industry. She proves to the world that for one to come up with this style, one should add curves throughout her hair hence breaking them up for a natural beauty.

 Lauren Cohan soft waves hairstyle hot
Lauren Cohan hair

3. Angled Lob:

Lauren Cohan shows up with this angled lob that makes her termed as a fashion icon where she appeals to everyone at the event. She was able to put on this style that came up from a long layers that framed her face hence inspiring several other women to do this same style.


4. The Bouncy Curls:

Lauren Cohan wants to switch to the bouncy curl that makes her look gorgeous hence showing the great creation where the curls add her natural beauty. The hairstyle was completed with a hairspray that helped it to shine.

Lauren Cohan curly hair/hot hairstyle
Lauren Cohan’s curly hairstyle

5. The Classic Blowout:

Lauren proves time and again that her hairstyle either simple or complex looks great. She chose to put on a classic blowout that killed the show and her fans were impressed with her great work. She used a hairbrush that was accompanied by a dryer that seamlessly created a sense of humor.

Lauren Cohan short hair
Lauren Cohan hair

6. The Messy Updo:

Lauren chose this particular hairstyle that made her look at the notch where she pulls her hair backwards hence creating a captivating look. She proves to come up with this look, one should gather the hair in a low twist and then make it fall out since it should also look more undone.


7. Sleek High Pony:

Cohan shows that she can also look beautiful in this sleek high pony that looks edgy hence inspiring other audience to learn that from her showing out the sense of elegance. Lauren also advises her audience that they should finish coming up with this look by spraying the hair.

Lauren Cohan hottest hairstyles latest hairstyles




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