7 Very Easy Tips to Spot a Fake BB Belt

spotting a Fake BB Belt
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BB belt chain has grown in popularity such that fake versions have started emerging. The best Italian leather is used in the manufacture of the original product. Every BB Simon belt is sewn by hand, and Swarovski crystals or other precious stones are also applied by hand, based on the unique description of the order made by each individual customer. Also, the collars and leashes manufactured by them are also handmade, durable material is used in their manufacture to ensure their longevity. Most buckles are attached with clips.

1. TAGS: BB Belt

The labels that are currently used on the new BB Simon models are provided with the company logo and the name “California”. The two are marked in relief, on the front of the label. Also, the color of the front label will be black and not glossy and they are not always cut evenly to notice.

2. Look at the logo:

Have a clear look behind the back of the buckle, buckle, and it’s quite difficult to reproduce that exactly. However, as I said above, there are some vintage BB Simon belts – especially the models from the early 2000s, where the logo is not placed on the back of the buckle. They are very rare and above all, very valuable.

3. Production code: BB Belt

Also, another trick of BB Simon’s people to avoid fake bb belt refers to the production codes, under the buckle clips. These are written by hand by the employees during the making of the bb belt. Beneath the buckle, clips will always be production codes written by employees during the manufacturing process.

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4. Material Quality:

The quality of materials, bb belts are made from high-quality leather or other good and strong materials. Fake belts may use inferior materials that feel cheap or look poorly made you will feel in your hand that it’s a low-quality belt.

5. Packaging and Documentation: BB Belt

By any chance you’re purchasing the belt in a store or online, inspect the packaging and accompanying documentation. Authentic Bally belts often come with dust bags branded boxes and authenticity cards. Look for any inconsistencies, low-quality printing, or missing elements that suggest counterfeit products.

spotting a Fake BB Belt

6. The store you buy must be a consideration.

Make sure you are at the right store or a reputable retailer, the chances of purchasing a genuine belt are higher. Be cautious when dealing with unknown sellers or suspiciously low-priced items, as these could indicate counterfeit products.

7. Authencity of the logo: BB Belt

Make sure you check the design of the logo to make sure there is no misspelling or inconsistencies in design, the graving or the embossing of the logo too is a very missed out component to check while purchasing a Bb belt


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