7 Ways To Rock A Bikini: Fashion Tips And Tricks

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Inspire yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try something completely new this summer with these top bikini trends for 2024. We are always on the hunt for new, fashionable methods to update our clothing, so that’s something we’re very thrilled about.

New swimwear designers are bringing a whole new level of sophistication to the poolside trend, with styles like triangle bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and cute cover-ups taking center stage. Other trends include high-cut tankinis, crochet bandeau tops, and cut-out sculpted monokinis. Looking at Olivia Rodrigo, one of the youth’s favorite celebs, we’ve added some style cues from her. Adding some cherry-like hues to your swim collection is highly encouraged, as red is presently the color of the season.

Also, we’ve seen some adorable full-bodysuits and plus-size high-waisted bikini sets when browsing TikTok. It’s this that made the coquette-inspired ensemble go viral. You will never again have to cancel plans to go to the beach or poolside because we have compiled a list of the top kinds of period swimwear.

Is your swimsuit closet in need of an overhaul? With helpful tricks and tips discussed later in the article, you may discover a few ways to rock a perfect bikini.

1. Crafting Fine Crochet

Swimwear crochet is all the rage, and it’s easy to understand why. As a result of the lightweight fabrics, they are easy to wear, playful, and ideal for days when you just want to relax by the pool. Use this fabric instead of nylon for a more comfortable and stylish swimsuit. To top it all off, add some crocheted cover-ups, like leggings or dresses, and you’re set to go.

2. Vibrant, Striking, and Red

Red is popping up all over the place! Including, but not limited to, swimwear, accessories, and outfits. If this captivating shade isn’t your usual choice, don’t be afraid to rock it; it’s currently trending. You can choose from various styles that provide adequate coverage and even go for softer reds like pinks, oranges, and red-browns.

3. Vibrant and Abstract Prints

By selecting a swimsuit with a lively print, like a tiger bikini, you can easily elevate your swimwear style.


We’re head over heels for the brightly printed one-piece from Frankies Bikinis’s collaboration with Victoria’s Secret. You can even make it a “fit” by wearing it as a top with trousers.

4. Minimalist style of the 1990s

We’re especially ecstatic about the return of the incredibly high-leg cut bikinis and underwire bra tops since to be honest, we’re never really into the supermodel look of the 90s. Wearing a one-piece swimsuit with ankle socks and low-top sneakers is a great way to achieve a chic and modern style with a touch of classic charm.

5. Color Blocking

Another popular trend this year is the use of multiple colors in a single design. Color blocking, which combines two contrasting colors or two adjacent hues on the color wheel, is a surefire method to turn heads.

6. Boho Chic

When you find a lovely boho swimwear, isn’t it the best? Of course! Styles that are both artistic and bright abound in the current fashion scene. If you’re looking for something subtle, go with a one-piece with bright prints; moreover, florals and ruffles are always a good choice.

7. Coquette Dreams

There’s no denying the enchantment of coquette-inspired swimwear. Some of the characteristics that make up the style are delicate flower designs, bows that are more feminine, lace trims, and romantic ruffles. To complete the look, try a pair of wedge shoes, a straw purse, or a cover-up.

Tips for Getting Ready to Wear a Bikini

You should take some time to prepare for the beach before you put on your bikini.

Verify that you are wearing the correct size. Nobody likes to feel uneasy in a bikini that doesn’t fit properly. If you need help determining your size, ask a salesperson or look at an online sizing chart.


Get yourself high-quality sunscreen. Put on some sunscreen before you venture out into the sun; nothing is worse than a sunburn.

Get your hair out of your face. A stray hair clinging to perspiration is the last thing anyone wants to see. Before putting on your bikini, ensure your hair is in a ponytail or topknot.

Peel off dead skin cells. In addition to making your skin feel softer, this will aid in removing dead skin cells.

How to Feel Confident in a Bikini?

1. Discover Your Passions

There is always some aspect of one’s body that one loves and some sections that one hates. Whether it’s your lips, hair, back, shoulders, or some other part of your body that you adore, focus on that, celebrate it, and let it shine. It may seem silly, but you should constantly make an attempt to focus on your favorite aspect and even compliment yourself when you do so.

2. Get Dirty, Get Moving!

Contrary to popular assumption, scrubbers aren’t reserved for ladies; they will undoubtedly improve your mood and appearance. Regular exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells and enhance blood circulation by unclogging pores and increasing cell turnover.

3. Act It Out!

Everyone should get a fake tan once. What a difference a little color makes to the skin. In addition to making you look more radiant and less imperfect, it will also make you appear smaller and boost your self-esteem tremendously. Regrettably, sun protection is essential due to the risks of skin cancer.

4. Indulge Yourself

Even brand-new swimwear can make a difference. Many people get nervous just thinking about putting on their swimwear or board shorts. Whether you’re looking for a one-piece, tankini, crop-top bikini, boy shorts (also known as swim shorts for women), mid-length board shorts, or something skimpier, you’ll find it in the swimwear section.

In the end!

Finding a bikini that is both flattering and comfy for your physique is, ultimately, the most important thing. There will surely be a bikini that suits you well among the various styles available. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate. Get a head start on finding the swimsuit of your dreams right now! Summer is just around the corner!

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