8 Iconic Celebrities with Most Appearances on Vogue Covers

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Vogue covers and the magazine is an iconic beacon of style in the evolving fashion world. Over the years the platform has been used to showcase their enigmatic personas in far varying fashions. in our blog, we will dig into the world of glitz and glamour to know the nine influential celebrities with the highest numbers of Vogue magazine cover appearances.

1. Cindy Crawford: The all-American Supermodel: Vogue Cover

the quintessential American Beauty 58 Vogue covers made by Cindy Crawford Her look combined with her approachable charm has made her resonate with fans worldwide.

Cindy Crawford sexy vogue covers

2. Gisele Bundchen: The Brazilian  Bombshell

The radiant look and dynamic presence have earned her a world reputation and her 60 Vogue covers. She is one of the world’s topmost models and commands a lot of attention for her charismatic charm.

Gisele Bundchen first Vogue cover

3. Claudia Schiffer: The Glamour Goddes: Vogue Covers

She has 55 Vogue covers that are approved by the world due to her glamorous aura. Her ethereal presence and classic appeal have consistently made fashion lovers enjoy her magazines.

Claudia Schiffer sexy Vogue cover

4. Naomi Cambell: The Timeless Icon

She has trailblazer with 60 Vogue covers, which has defied the time.  Her elegance and strong features have made her a favorite among the fans.

Naomi Cambell sexy vogue cover

5. Christy Turlington; The Grateful Vision

She has 52 Vogue covers which are testimonials of her graceful elegance. Her timeless beauty and her figure have made her stand out as a role model in the fashion industry and she has left the fans cavitating hearts for fashion lovers.

Christy Turlington sexy vogue cover

6. Kate Moss: The Eternal Fashion Muse

Kate has 70 Vogue covers to her name thus she reigns in the world of fashion as supreme. Her captivating allure and versatile style have made her earn a top spot in the world of fashion. This has made her remain respected and her legacy long-lasting.

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7. Amber Valletta: The Effortless Enigma

She has been able to have 40 Vogue covers. Her beauty and magnetic appeal continue to captivate audiences, positioning her as the world fashion.

Amber Valletta vogue cover best

8. Linda Evangelista: The Chamelion of Style: Vogue Cover

She has been able to earn 48 Vogue covers. She is well known as the ”Chameleon” of fashion, and her ability to transform and adapt to various styles has codified her as an iconic figure in the industry of fashion.


The nine celebrities have written their names in the fashion industry with their remarkable appearance on Vogue covers. From Karlie Kloss to Charm Kate Moss are world fashionista. Their influence extends to behold glossy pages, shaping trends and inspiring many in the world of fashion.


Today on Trends: The 5 Most Iconic Vogue Covers of 2023



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