8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Gemstone Rings

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Gemstone rings are not just any regular piece of jewelry but an emotion in itself. Each ring specimen features a finely faceted gemstone mounted on a sleek metal band with or without additional detailing. How can someone deny embellishing their fingers with such a marvelous creation? Below are 8 solid reasons to convince every soul why they should wear gemstone rings. Tag along with your gemstone enthusiast buddies and get started.

1. Gemstone Rings are Timeless Fashion Accessories

Gemstone jewelry speaks volumes about timeless fashion expression. Talking about rings, in particular, they are the best accessory to attract attention with your hand movements. Craftsmen and artisans have always been experimenting with innovative designs in rings since the bygone eras. And this art has only evolved with time. So, wearing a ring is like adorning your finger with a wonderful piece of craft that’s not just ornamental but also fashionable.

2. Gemstone Rings are Symbols of Love & Commitment

Gemstone rings are not just fashion symbols, they’re also devoted to sentiments of love and commitment. Several gemstones, especially all the precious gemstones, teach a lesson in eternal love, faithfulness, and loyalty in romantic relationships. Also, specific colors such as pink and red are natural receptors of love and romance. This is majorly why couples prefer ruby rings, morganite rings, and pink sapphire rings as their proposal or engagement bling.

3. Gemstone Rings are Tokens of Good Luck

Certain gemstones, when worn as birthstones, can bring you good fortune. Each zodiac and month of the year offers a specific birthstone to those born in that zodiac. And guess what? Rings are one of the most popular birthstone jewelry among both men and women. For instance, an October-born can wear an opal or a tourmaline as their October birthstone ring. Similarly, garnet rings are meant for the January-born.

Gemstone Rings are Tokens of Good Luck

4. Gemstone Rings are Durable in Everyday Life

Gemstone rings are also popular because most of the gemstones worn in rings are quite durable. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the Hulk of gemstone rings. So, even though three-stone diamond rings appear remarkably delicate, in reality, they’re the toughest gems in the market. However, you must still give special treatment to your gemstone rings to prolong their life. This is especially true for gemstones that rate below 7 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale.

5. Gemstone Rings Come in Multiple Styles

When you think of gemstone rings, the solitaire style strikes as the classic option. But it’s not the only style a gemstone can be set in a ring. Gemstone rings may feature a solitaire surrounded by a diamond halo. Then, there are cluster rings with a group of gemstones forming a cluster. Rings with just two or three stones convey a romantic thought. An array of stones set across the entire length of the metal band represents eternal togetherness, called an eternity ring. Symbols can also be carved out of metal and studded with gemstones, as in a diamond infinity ring.

6. They can be a Good Financial Investment

Rings featuring high-quality precious gemstones namely diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires make meaningful investments. Such masterpieces retain their charm for decades and appreciate over time, making them heirloom jewels for future generations. Now, it’s up to your descendants whether they keep the ring as your legacy or convert it for money.

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Gemstone Rings

7. They can be Extremely Rare at Times

Talk about a Colombian emerald, a Kashmir Sapphire, or a Burmese Ruby studded on a ring? These one-of-a-kind gemstones command an exceptional price and rarity factor that can’t even be compared to conventional super-expensive diamonds. The top-notch quality of the gemstones from a specific origin gives the wearer a proud sense of ownership.

8. They are a Hit among Celebs

All the influential people around the globe especially those in showbiz love styling gemstone rings. From actors and actresses to social media personalities, all have flaunted stackable rings, chunky solitaires, or dramatic cocktail rings occasionally. Engagement rings and wedding bands from our favorite celebs have long been our inspiration to design ours similarly.

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