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Skin allergies have many causes and some have to do with reactions to things we may not even know about before it happens. Food, Medication, air, plants, and more. So for this article, we will focus on the things you can control to avoid skin allergies.

What are skin allergies?

The main trigger of skin allergies is the combination of different allergenic materials, including chemical ingredients in the makeup. After the skin allergic reaction, the skin may produce an abnormal response to allergens, such as itchiness, swelling, redness, etc.

Skin allergens include the following:

* Fragrance

* Colorant

* Oil/hydrophobic substance

* Chemical/water

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* Silicone/water

* Glycerin/water

* Antiperspirant/deodorant

* Others

How to know skin allergies symptoms?

Here are some typical symptoms of skin allergy:

* Itching of the face and/or hands, especially after makeup

* Flushing of the face and/or hands after being in contact with perfume

* Itching when washing the face, hands or the skin is exposed to a moisturizing creme, lotion, bath oil

* Hives/rash on the face, neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet

* Aching of the face, hands, arms, legs, or feet

* Tingling on the face, hands, and feet

* A burning feeling of the face and/or hands after being in contact with the sun


* Redness, swelling, and burning of the face and/or hands after being in contact with a chemical, such as water

Tips for the prevention of skin allergy from makeup:

1. It’s best to use an eye makeup remover that does not contain acetone, glycerin, alcohol, silicone, fragrance, colorant, or oil.

2. Wash your face with clean water

3. Keep the skin and skin area moist

4. Do not touch the skin with your hands or arms

5. Avoid wearing makeup

6. Use a good eye makeup remover with a neutral scent and no alcohol

5. Change the makeup in the early stage of wear, when the skin is not too dry

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7. Wear sunscreen or makeup that prevents UVA and UVB

8. Avoid taking any medication that may interfere with your condition

skin allergies

Wash face, hands, and feet sparingly

We can only wash our face, hands, and feet sparingly, as a result, if you wash the face, hands, and feet too much, then skin allergy can occur.

Wash your face, hands, and feet with lukewarm water and normal strength soap. Use a mild soap that won’t sting your skin, such as Ivory or Dove. If you have any type of skin condition, it is not good to wash the face with a soap that is too strong.

Wash the skin with your hand for up to two hours, depending on the time when you wash your skin. Use your fingers or a cotton ball to apply the water from the shower to the skin, and avoid getting the shower on your eyes and around your ears.

By Sarvan.

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