9 Basic Rules to Find or Change Your Personal Style

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Personal style  comes together with our personal life.

When we move from one stage of life to another one, what we feel and think is also reflected in our physical image, so we may want to change our external image as well. Our external image is a reflection of our inner way of life, but at the same time and when we work on the external aspect, we will instantly feel much better. So in order to have a successful change, let’s not forget to take into account some basic rules to change your personal style.

Personal style

What do you want to express through your image?

* You dress for yourself, not for others, so you have to feel comfortable. You wear the clothes, they don’t wear you.

*Trends come and go. Wear what benefits you, not what is fashionable. This does not mean that you can not take some elements from the items in trend this season, but only to adapt them to your personal style. Wouldn’t you like to see three more women dressed the same around you? https://fashonation.com/evergreenclassicclothesortheverylatesttrends/

* When you have no inspiration, always focus on something classic. https://fashonation.com/how-to-style

* Try to make your own personal style.

* Find your advantageous parts and built your outfit around them. For example: if you have a special eye color, include this color in any outfit or if you have a thin waist, be sure to highlight it with each outfit. In fact, you can also turn your “flaws” into your personal imprint.


Here more on how to create the center of interest for your outfit



How do I completely change my clothing style?

First of all, think about why you want to change your clothing style? Is there something new in trent? Your husband told you that you don’t look good enough?, Did you see your co-worker wearing a new type of clothes, or do you just feel it?

If it is the last option, you can go further.

* What do you want to express?

* How big will the change be?

* Document yourself and see how much the new image resonates with you and your lifestyle.


Each of us falls into a certain physical typology and is closer or farther from a certain image. For a blonde woman with blue eyes and baby features it will be easier to choose a romantic, feminine clothing style. A a woman with dark hair and eyes and a prominent jaw, has it easier to create a slightly harsher image, like the office type.

* Change your clothing style in stages. Add one extra item at a time to slowly get used to your new image. If you make a sudden change, you may not feel comfortable at first and behave strangely, which you certainly would not want.

My other post on how to find you personal style https://fashonation.com/quickly-find-your-personal-style/

Although it initially scares us, change is always a good thing, we just need to know how to manage it in our favor.

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By Paula Radu

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