A Guide To Natural Ruby Stone

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There are various gemstones in this world. Some are notable for their beautiful appearance, whereas others are prized for their durability. Plus, there are others that are known for their association with royalty. Also, there are those with unique optical properties. But none of them is as intriguing as a natural ruby stone. Also known as the ‘king of gemstones’, ruby is an out-and-out stunner.

ruby stone
ruby gemstones

This precious gemstone has won everyone’s hearts. Everyone wants to possess or at least wear it once in their favorite jewel. Further, the fan following of this gemstone transcends even Hollywood glamor. Many A-listers of showbiz are seen flaunting jewelry items decorated with natural ruby stones on various occasions. Some actresses such as Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry have also chosen rubies for their engagement rings.

No doubt this stunning gift of mother nature is on your wishlist. We’ve created this guide to help you buy a ruby for yourself or a loved one. Ahead, explore everything that you need to know about Ruby.

What Is Ruby?

This gemstone is a variety of the mineral corundum. It occurs in all shades of red. A natural ruby stone gets its color from the presence of chromium in its crystalline structure. This mineral works as a trace element in the formation of ruby. The strength of color in a ruby is directly proportional to the magnitude of chromium present. Thus, the more chromium present in the mineral, the more intense the color.

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ruby gemstone

Ruby is one of the big four gemstones along with diamonds, sapphire, and emerald. It’s coveted for its blood-like color. Ruby is immensely popular among couples because of its romantic hues. Rubies with an intense red color sell at exorbitant prices. These are highly valued gemstones that everyone wants for their engagement and wedding rings. The intensity of red in a natural ruby stone plays an important role in its value.

Are There Any Symbolisms Or Legends Associated With Ruby Stone?

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Perhaps there’s hardly any other gemstone that’s as rich in symbolism and legends as ruby. Ruby enjoys great symbolism and legends. People in early cultures treasured ruby for its resemblance with the color of blood. They believed that ruby holds the power of life. The ancient Burmese inserted loose ruby gems into their flesh believing that’d make them invulnerable. Further, the ruby gemstone has been associated with power, wealth, love, and passion for centuries.

Ruby stone symbolism
 ruby engagement ring and ruby bracelet

How Durable Is Ruby?

Ruby is extremely durable. It rocks on the Mohs scale of hardness with a terrific score of 9. In that sense, ruby is second only to diamond in terms of hardness. This dependable hardness of ruby makes it the perfect gemstone for rings and bracelets. High-contact jewelry items like such should be fashioned with durable gemstones like ruby. Plus, a bling studded with natural ruby stones makes great heirloom jewelry.

Is Ruby A Birthstone?

Yes, Ruby is the birthstone for July. It’s an excellent gift for people born in this month. Ruby works wonders for July-borns when it comes to healing. The ruby birthstone is known to alleviate body pain. It’s a boon for people with blood and circulatory problems. Plus, people believe that the red hues of ruby can soothe anger. Also, a natural ruby stone is said to bring good luck and protection. That’s why people give jewelry decorated with ruby to July-borns.

July birthstone
ruby necklace and ruby earrings

Do Rubies Contain Inclusions?

Rubies typically contain inclusions. So, you should go for a stone that has inclusions near the girdle. These inclusions can be easily kept out of sight with the bezel setting. Even if you don’t want to hide the natural inclusions, it’s perfectly fine since these imperfections are like signatures unique to each gemstone.


Which Is The Perfect Ruby Stone?

Different people have different views about natural ruby stones. Some find pleasure in intense red rubies, while others love light red stones. There’s no perfect ruby. You can choose the type of gemstone that speaks to your heart. However, Burmese rubies are coveted for their dark red color. Burmese rubies command the highest prices of rubies because of their red to slightly purplish or pinkish-red color and strong red fluorescence.

Ruby stone bracelet
ruby eternity ring

Which Type Of Setting Is Best For Ruby?

All types of jewelry settings are recommended for ruby because of its incredible hardness and durability. You can opt for any setting of choice whether it is a treated stone or an unheated ruby. With the stylish channel setting or the classic bezel setting, everything goes along well.

ruby stone ring
channel-set ruby ring

Final Words

A natural ruby stone is a valuable stunner that can bring positive changes to your life. Wear it in your favorite jewelry item and you’re set on the path of self-love and self-care. Ruby is also a great pick for a love token or a statement jewelry piece. If you’re looking for a ruby dealer that can offer you a fine ruby gemstone at an attractive price, check out GemsNY. They have a fabulous collection of natural rubies. So, go check out their collection!

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