A Suede Jacket is a Thing That Never Goes Out of Style

suede jacket
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A suede jacket can decorate and diversify your wardrobe. It is relevant in every season. Suede is a less durable material than leather because it consists only of a thin inner layer of animal skin. Suede is more sensitive to moisture and light. Therefore, it must be especially protected from damage.

How to choose a suede jacket?

Choosing a suede jacket can sometimes be problematic, especially if your size is quite large.

A suede jacket should not be too big for you; it should fit snugly enough to the body and follow the contours of your figure. Therefore, choose soft suede. Otherwise, you will appear angular.

It is also recommended to choose neutral shades. The best option would be gray.

When choosing a suede jacket, you should remember one simple rule: price determines quality. It does not matter where the clothes were made or who made them.

The quality of the jacket is determined by the following parameters:

  • Buttons. A quality jacket should be equipped with quality buttons. Sometimes they are even covered with fabric.
  • Loops. The quality of the loops is a sure sign of the quality of the jacket.
  • Seams. On a high-quality jacket, you can see wide and even seams.
  • Lining. As a rule, high-quality jackets are lined on the inside.

How to care for a suede jacket?

Store your jacket in a cool, dry place when you are not wearing it. Select a dry, well-ventilated place for storage. This will help protect the integrity of your jacket. It is best to hang it on a hanger in the closet, without the need to use plastic bags to store clothes. Good ventilation will help prevent the formation of mold and moisture. Do not store the jacket near light sources, including lamps, direct light or sunlight. This is necessary to prevent the jacket from fading.

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Clean your jacket regularly to prevent matting. To clean, use a brush with soft, short bristles to avoid damaging the suede.

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Protect your jacket from rain and snow. Rain and snow can cause significant damage to your suede jacket. When leaving home, prepare in advance for possible weather changes. Bring an umbrella or rain jacket.

Regularly apply a protective coating specifically designed for suede to your jacket. Such coatings are most often produced in the form of a spray, which is not difficult to apply. Initially test the spray on the inside of the sleeve or collar to ensure it does not discolor the jacket. You should not spray the spray too close, as this can lead to the formation of wet spots. After applying the spray, dry the jacket thoroughly. At this time, you should not be near open fire.

Protect your jacket from grease and chemical contaminants. Avoid using aerosol products while wearing the jacket. Wash your hands after handling greasy materials, such as food or hair products, for example.

Caring for suede products is quite labor-intensive. Therefore, preventing the formation of pollution is very important here.

Any greasy stains can be removed by sprinkling on an absorbent powder specifically formulated for suede.

Heat destroys the soft structure of suede, so any temptation to use a hairdryer to dry wet spots on your jacket should be nipped in the bud. Instead, stuff the jacket with newspaper or paper, which helps keep its shape while drying.

What to wear with a suede jacket?

A pair of tall suede boots, mid-calf or knee-length, leggings or tights, and a short or mid-length skirt or fashionable dress paired with a suede jacket can create a sophisticated look. To create a business style, replace the skirt (or dress) with trousers.

For skirts, preference should be given to corduroy, denim, or leather models. Mix textures and colors for a more classic look. Choose skirts with beautiful slits.

Suede jackets will also go well with collared shirts or sweaters and a pair of jeans. To accessorize this outfit, choose a handbag that is different in texture and color from the jacket.

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