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Applying blush to your cheeks brightens your face and gives a fresh and radiant look. It instantly lifts your complexion and is a must-have in your makeup. Adding a flush of color to the apple of your cheeks gives a youthful, healthy, and vibrant appearance to your face.

How to Apply Blush in the Right Way

Skin Prep

The first and foremost thing in applying your blush or any makeup for that matter is skin prep. If the skin is not adequately prepped, the makeup looks uneven and patchy. It easily slides off oily skin and doesn’t sit well on dry skin.

Therefore all you need to do is cleanse your skin to remove excess oils and impurities. Exfoliate and apply a hydrating serum and a moisturizer. Apply a smoothing primer, and your skin is ready for the foundation or tinted moisturizer, whatever you wish to use, depending upon your personal choice.

Choosing the Right Shade

It would be best to choose the shade of the blush that goes naturally well with your skin tone. Here is a little guide for you to consider while adding your favorite blush to the shopping cart.

If you are on the fair skin tone side, choose peaches and soft pink for a more natural look. Go for corals if you want to add a pop of color to your cheeks. If medium skin tone, opt for the shades like deep peach, mauve, or rich pink. For Olive skin, try rose or berry shades for the flush in the cheeks. For dark skin, opt for warm reds and plum for the pop of color in the apple of your cheeks.

Choose the Right Blush Formula

The blushes are available in 3 formulas; powder, cream, and stain. Choose the right one best suited for your skin type and look preference. 

Powders are usually suitable for all skin types. They are super easy to apply, especially with the help of a good brush. It’s a great option to achieve an airbrushed finish except for dehydrated skin. Using powders on flaky skin will make fine lines more noticeable. 


Opt for cream brushes for a natural dewy look. It is suited best for mature and dry skin. It is the easiest option in the case of blending. Avoid cream blush if you have oily or acne-prone skin. 

And about the stain, it is for all skin types, but you should keep it in mind while opting for stain, as it dries quickly, so you have to be super fast to blend it evenly. Apply a good moisturizer before putting on a stain. It looks great for a sun-kissed daytime look. 

Correct Way to Put on Blush

The correct way to put on your blush depends upon the right brush. Go for a fluffy brush with a long and soft bristle that picks the product nicely. Tap off the excess product from the brush and gently apply it to your cheeks. This technique will dust off the extra color, so you don’t have an ample amount of color on your cheeks but the needed one. Blend nicely to avoid any harsh lines.

Blush makes you look younger, healthier, and less tired. There is a blush available for everyone out there. Some like the rosy look, while others prefer corals and peaches. Some go for mattes while others opt for some sheen. So depending upon the personal preferences, there is a lot a blusher has to offer.

You can play around with the dimensions of your face by simply following a few blush applying techniques. But to know what those techniques are, you have to keep an eye on my next blog. Till then, Happy Reading! 

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By Siddie F.Kay

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