Actress Lauren German: 7 Best style Moments

Lauren German in hot dresses and outfits
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Lauren German is a talented woman with many fans. She is also known for her roles in TV shows like Chicago Fire, lucifer, and Hostel. Lauren German has also developed a new style that has made her a fashion icon. In this blog, we will look at 7 best style moments of Lauren German.

1. Emerland Green Gown at the Lucifer Premier:

Lauren German emerged evening gown at Lucifer’s premier event where she left her audience in awe since the gown she had put on had an air of sophistication. The gown also consisted of a thigh-high slit that added a touch of sex appeal that made her leave behind a lasting impression at the event. Lauren wanted to prove to everyone that she had the best outfit.

2. Metalic Jumpsuit:

Lauren German made a bold statement when she silhouetted both modern and chick while her wide-leg pants gave her the look, Lauren has also tried to prove that she has a nation in fashion.

Lauren German sexy jumpsuit
Lauren German jumpsuit

3. Floral Mini Dress:

Lauren creates a youthful stylish assemble by dressing in a flirty floral mini dress in pink and red. With white Uncle boots and a sleek updo, Lauren German shows her love for fashion in the miu miu show at Paris Fashion Week.

 Lauren German with a Floral Mini Dress

4. White Lace Dress:

Lauren chooses the best and most beautiful white lace dress, the classic dress was Lourine’s vibe in Lucifer’s panel comic. Laurine always chooses the perfect outfit which makes a lot of fans interested in her outfits.


5. Burgundy Velvet Suit:

At the vanity show, Lauren shows her burgundy valet suit that leaves everyone in the show in awe. This was Lauren’s memorable day.

6. Red Sequin Gown:

This was Louren’s best day she appeared to everyone with different outfits that left everyone in awe,  in the Globe Golden Awards in 2020 Lauren was wearing a red sequin gown, and also a plunging neckline which added a salty touch of glamorous look.


louren with a beutiful pos

7. Mint Green Dress:

Lauren German made a bold statement when she rocked a stunning mint green dress which made her even more beautiful and admirable, Lauren showed her beautiful looks in Lucifer fifth season by also wearing a line skirt and elegant high neck.

lourens German style is classic holly wood modern Lauren proves to everyone that she is a real fashionista by wearing 7 types of gawns on seven different occasions also Lauren does not choose what to wear by rocking a tailored suit on one of her occasions Lauren Germer always tries to look beautiful, admirable and stylish.

Lauren German in hot dresses and outfits
Lauren German dressses




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