Allbirds Shoes Review: To Say They’re Comfortable Doesn’t Even Come Close

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Allbirds shoes have been making serious waves on the footwear scene in the last few years and have even earned their status as the world’s most comfortable shoes. It’s a bold claim—but we reckon it’s pretty much true. They’re one of our favourite sustainable sneakers brands for both comfort and value.

We’re not the only people fawning over this New Zealand-based direct-to-consumer company. The brand has somewhat of a cult following, as well as celebrity fans such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Jessica Alba. So what makes Allbirds footwear so special?

First up, these are super sustainable sneakers. Allbirds aims to get its carbon footprint close to zero by 2030. A small supply chain, an emphasis on natural materials grown according to regenerative agricultural principles, and carbon off-setting—this company’s dedication to going green is more than just talk.

And you don’t even have to pay top dollar for these eco-friendly sneakers. Allbirds come in at between $98 and $145 a pair. Not super cheap but given how long they last, they’re undeniably great value. The minimalist design of Allbirds sneakers also makes them an incredibly versatile option, perfect for everything from commuting and travelling to casual weekend wear.

With so much exclaiming and enthusiasm around Allbirds sneakers, you’d be forgiven for thinking they can’t possibly live up to the hype. But guess what? They do. We’ll show why in this Allbirds shoe review where we’ll cover both their wool and tree fibre sneakers and the various models for both men and women.

Care and maintenance

Another thing we love about Allbirds footwear is the fact these sneakers are really low-maintenance. They don’t get stinky, as we’ve discussed. But if you want to freshen them up anyway, simply stick them in the washing machine for a quick spin.

Just make sure to air dry them afterwards. This will take around 24 hours. And remember that the more you wash your Allbirds, the faster they’ll fade and stretch.

You can also buy replacement Allbirds insoles for around $15.

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