AMVCA Awards 2024:11 Best-Dressed Celebs

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Hi fashionistas (phew), it’s been a minute. Nowadays, the fashion world has been bustling with so much activity that it has made me eager to write about it, causing my hands to ache. Unfortunately, work happens. Due to my service year, I have to go to work Mondays through Saturdays. Guys, I barely have any time for myself. Still, that would never keep me away from y’all. I couldn’t wait to share what happened in Lagos, Nigeria, on Saturday, May 11, 2024. Yes, guys, while other countries have the Oscars, Met Gala, and such, we’ve got the AMVCA Awards. So today, we’ll discuss the top 11 best-dressed celebrities at the AMVCA Awards 2024.

What are we talking about?

Saturday night was lit up at the Eko hotels and suites in Lagos, Nigeria. It was such an outburst that so many celebrities brought out their A-game at the 10th edition of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Yeah, guys, if you haven’t heard about the AMVCA awards, then, oh my, I am here to enlighten you.

MultiChoice organizes the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) annually to honor exceptional accomplishments in television and film. However, this yearly event doesn’t just highlight great talents in television and films but also in fashion and creativity. I am quite excited to write about this because one of my favorite fashion designers did a top job creating perfect pieces for this event. We could see top celebrities like Richard Mofe-Damijo, Toke Makinwa, Aduni Ade, Chimezie Imo, and so many more turn up in dazzling outfits by designers I did not know were this good.

I don’t really want to bore you guys with specifics and the history of AMVCA. Instead, all you need to know is that it’s such a big deal that it is watched by over 50 nations. There were a lot of heartfelt speeches from the winners that you would tear up a little. Now guys, let’s go to why we are here.

10 Best-Dressed Celebs at the AMVCA Awards.

As fashionistas, we eagerly anticipate stylish outfits at valuable events. It is what I like about events. I get to see new and creative pieces that blow my mind. Ever heard of window shopping? Well, this is my version (lol). This particular event reminds me that there are good designers in Nigeria, not just at the Met Gala. So, people of fashion, join me as we unravel the masterpieces at the AMVCA Awards.

1. Richard Mofe-Damijo

Richard Mofe-Damijo10 Best-Dressed Celebs at the AMVCA Awards

The veteran actor, popularly known as RMD, made it a grand celebration with his regal outfit. He brought out the pizzas, fierceness, unity, and style that the Nigerian Yoruba culture represents. When I saw him, my jaw hit the floor. His outfit was a masterpiece. There was no extra, unnecessary detail, just creativity, tradition, and style. Did I mention he won the Lifetime Achievement Award? Oh yes, he did, and damn, he did not disappoint as he looked every bit of the part.

The actor, who earned a Best Actor nomination for his role in the Netflix show “The Black Book,” donned a stylish outfit from designer @dejiandkola. The beautiful purple aso-oke fabric made up the outfit, adorned with intricate designs. He finished off his look with a long flap cap and a purple beaded staff. I don’t want to exaggerate, but his outfit was a hit. As stated on his Instagram page, @swankyjerry styled him. He obtained his shoe from @313eko and his Beads from @beadsandu_plus

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2. Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa at AMVCA Awards Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian media personality, captivated Hearts at the 2024 AMVCA with her creatively structured ensemble by Nigerian designer Veekee James. Remember when I said I was excited to write because of my favorite designer? Yep, Veekee James is that person. I mean, gosh, look at that dress. It was because of Veekee James that I recognized Toke Makinwa in the first place (no offense). This wonderful designer never ceases to grab my or any other person’s attention with their work. She is one of the designers that the Bible was talking about when it said, ‘You shall know them by their fruit’. I know I’m talking a whole lot about the designer, but c’mon, doesn’t she deserve it?

Makinwa, who hosted the red carpet, decided to go for minimal accessories. She wanted her dress, with its silver, inverted orb-like shapes, to stand out and be noticed.

3. Chimezie Imo

Chimezie Imo at AMVCA Awards Chimezie Imo in a red suit

(Squeals) He won the Trailblazer award (claps hand). Nigerian actor Chimezie Imo not only received the Trailblazer Award at this year’s ceremony after delivering outstanding performances in films such as Over The Bridge and Breath of Life, but he also donned a striking suit from the British Nigerian brand, The Kingsmen. Imo’s suit, adorned with deep, dark droplets on a blood-red fabric, perfectly complemented his physique.

Suits are not uncommon when it comes to award shows and events. But the ability to step up your game even while wearing it signifies creativity. Chimezie was simply outstanding. His outfit was so simple yet conveyed the message that he deserved the award.

4. Uche Montana

Uche Montana at the AMVCA Awards

Uche Montana, the Nigerian actress, shook things up in her striking crimson and gold attire by Veekee James. Her gown, adorned with feathery trimmings, boasted a long, flowing train. Skillfully crafted, the dress cleverly incorporates lace and sheer fabric to reveal subtle surprises: a heart-shaped detail adorning the bodice and another at the elbow. Montana exuded stunning elegance and regality throughout.

Yes, guys, my favorite designer did it again. Now, I’m not being picky because she’s my favorite, but because she deserves the accolades. Her pieces are a picture-perfect representation of royalty.

5. Chioma Ikokwu 

Chioma Ikokwu at the AMVCA Awards

Everyone, can we welcome the media personality and star of the famous The Real Housewives of Lagos show, Chioma Ikokwu? I would have made her number one best dressed because she not only wore one outfit to the AMVCA but three (shocks). When did she have the time to change? That was my question.

She opted for a gold and caramel ensemble from Weizdhurm Franklyn for her first look. The dress exudes not only lush creativity but also artisanal sensitivity. In addition, it was adorned with gold, strung petals on its corset, and a deconstructed train at the bottom. However, she maintained minimal accessories to complement this elegant attire.

she wore a delicate black dress called 'The Vine' by the same designer


For her second look, she wore a delicate black dress called ‘The Vine’ by the same designer. The greatest parts? It’s not a naked dress (licks lips). I love it.

Chioma Ikokwu stunned in a blue dress

What I love in addition to a two-tier chocolate cake is a three-tier cake. So for her third outfit, she practically stunned us for the afterparty. I’m telling you guys I was enraptured by the finesse of the dress. She wore a stylish blue dress designed by @styledbylayo.

I think I watched The Real Housewives of Lagos a few times. The reason I did this is the same as why I attend or watch events. The outfit. There is always a crazy, simple, or creative outfit in the mix.

6. Simi Drey

Simi Drey at the AMVCA Awards

Yikes, I could never go on without talking to another personality I am in love with. Simi Drey is a Nigerian actress popularly known as the Duchess of Ibadan. She also co-hosted the AMVCA awards show, but she did it in a dazzling outfit that made tears drop (literally). Simi wore a black ensemble adorned with silver teardrop embroidery by Mide. I see Simi Drey as an inspiration because I learned so much about her story. She is a petite woman who is not afraid to show her fashion side. She made me love fashion more than I already did.

7. Ebuka

Ebuka at the AMVCA Awards

To put things simply, when you see Ebuka, you see fashion. However, he is honestly one of the most fashion-oriented media personalities I have seen in Nigeria (don’t come at me, y’all). Ebuka turns heads wherever he goes, and that’s not just because of his media talent. For the AMVCA Award show, he wore a sleek black and blue poker dot suit by @atafo__

8. Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro at the AMVCA Awards
Osas is a lot of things and model is one of them. The Nigerian actress wore another masterpiece by my favorite designer, Veekee James. Her ensemble reminds me of the movie Maleficent. She looks like an innocent villain (lol, does that even make sense?). Anyway, it was stunning.

9. Elozonam

Elozonam at the AMVCA Awards

The BBNaija star looked like a fleet in his all-white ensemble. I first thought he was wearing a gown until I saw his pose with his legs hanging on each other (lol). Although I’m not sure what he was trying to say, he did look ethereal. His masterpiece of an outfit was created by Jeff Urban, who, I’m sure from his name, takes urban fashion seriously (lol). I simply like the combination of the coat and skirt trousers, as I would like to call it. Although I am not a fan of the BBnaija show or its stars, I admit he looked modestly stunning.

10. Liqurose
Liquorose, another BBNaija star, stood out at the event in her gorgeous dress. Indeed, she looked stunning and energetic in a beautiful silver gown decorated with roses, styled by Medlinboss. Okay, even I had to give it a space in here because, wow, I didn’t know BBNaija female stars could be capable of modest regality. According to her Instagram, she called the dress “Total Eclipse,” and Oohlala I can see it.

11. Tacha


In truth, I wonder how the folks who sat behind her could see because of how she showed the crown needeth not be on the head before you can be called queen (oh my, I sounded the King James version). Tacha showed up in a dazzling white ensemble, holding the crown detail on her shoulders and the long trail by Abbas Woman. You know the saying, “The weight of the crown rests on the shoulders” (haha, lol, this is it). But I must admit, it was beautiful.
In conclusion, creativity in fashion can be seen in its simple form, twisted into crazy art (lol, trying to sound wise here). However, it’s what keeps one enthralled by its beauty when it’s done. I always appreciate modesty, even in the craziest fashion creativity, and these select celebs have shown it.
To this end, it’s time to say goodbye, folks, and I wish you a blissful reading, liking, commenting, and sharing a moment (lol).

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