Andrea Iyamah Cultural Evolution Story

The Cultural story behind Andrea Iyamah Fashion Empire
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Yo, yo, yo fashionistas! It’s been a while. I am now officially serving my father’s land; honestly, I’m just winging it. So, I kept going about what I would write about, and boom! It came to me. One thing I love about Nigeria is our unique fashion style and prints. The Andrea Iyamah fashion brand inspired me so much, and I just knew I had to share her story with y’all. It not only orients towards Nigeria but also garners global acceptance. Fashionistas, join me in immersing ourselves in the Andrea Iyamah Cultural Evolution Story.

The Person behind the Brand

The cultural story behind Andrea Iyamah

Dumebi Andrea Iyamah is the founder and CEO of the fashion label Andrea Iyamah. Her brand makes clothes for weddings, swimming, and everyday wear. She’s a 31-year-old Nigerian-Canadian fashion designer. The fact that she started her own brand when she was just 17 inspired me. Yeah, guys, at that age, I was getting ready for my first semester exams at the university. I didn’t even consider what I would love to do; I just knew I had to get good grades. And don’t laugh at me because I’m sure I’m not the only one (please tell me, I’m not).

Anyway, back to the post. Dumebi created her brand while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication and multimedia from McMaster University. Everything began with her blog, where she shared her artistic work, such as fashion sketches, portraits, and photography. However, the brand-building process didn’t start until one of her designs was highlighted on an influential blog.

The Cultural Evolution of Andrea Iyamah


This was the year everything began. Dumebi Iyamah founded the Andrea Iyamah brand at just 17 years old while juggling her undergraduate studies. She began by creating custom couture for her clients that celebrated her African roots. However, her brand was recognized for having a deep sense of loyalty to both her African heritage and other cultures.

“I started the brand officially at the age of 17. I always had an affinity for art and design of all kinds, but clothing design kicked off when I was in university. Having a formal education and vocational skills were very important, so the challenge was balancing both without losing either. Thankfully, I always had God answer my prayer for help when things got busier, and that has not changed. I started to learn how to delegate at a young age.” Iyamah said, in an interview with The Folklore

Additionally, it was like blending modern and cultural couture while maintaining authenticity. But then she soon stepped up and added a few more streams to her designs. Her brand began to diversify into custom bridal, ready-to-wear, and swim/resort wear.


Andrea Iyamah 1

By this time, her brand had begun to gain a reputation. Known for its ethnicity and cultural roots, the brand officially launched a full swim collection. This work gained the attention of the press, such as Vogue, Elle, Essence, Refinery29, HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, and many more. The collection sparked the brand’s reputation for infusing African culture with a modern twist into society. She and her team were able to pull off what many people pulled out of (get it? lol). However, confidence and ability to achieve must have come from seeing her parents, as she gave them credit for her interview with Sezzle.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

“My mother encouraged me to express myself. She didn’t like you being too shy, and she didn’t like you not walking confidently. In life, not just design, my mother was the person who instilled a sense of confidence in me. She had a luxury boutique, would stock designers from Paris, and used to travel a lot. My mom was extremely stylish and had a very unique style.”

“She was good at expressing herself, so I grew up seeing that, especially in the creative aspect—that was what was normal to me. That’s how fashion became a confidence zone for me. My father was a businessman, so that entrepreneurial spirit came from both of them. I saw them work a lot and travel a lot, so that lifestyle felt normal to me.”


Andrea Iyamah 2     Andrea Iyamah 3

Andrea Iyamah once again launched its resort collection in 2015. The pieces showed class and elegance, with a mix of cultural authenticity. I mean, honestly, how could they pull off modest swimming resort wear?  Furthermore, with every resort outfit, there was an ethical story to tell. Whether it was Nigerian purely or African as a whole, it created a blend of fashion and culture. One thing I noticed was Dumebi’s versatility. This may be traced to her love for traveling.

“The core of the brand is a design inspired by a cultural story. Whatever product we are creating, there is an element of the story in that, whether it’s from my African roots or even from my Western or Asian roots. It’s just always telling some kind of story. We try to make a homegrown African brand that is internationally accessible, and we celebrate that.” She told Sezzle.


Andrea Iyamah 4 Andrea Iyamah 5 Andrea Iyamah 6

Andrea Iyamah launched its bridal collection in 2018. The collection was crafted to offer a distinctive range of couture wedding dresses. It spanned from classic simplicity to intricately beaded lace designs. A sought-after choice among celebrities, the ready-to-wear brand’s garments have graced the likes of Christina Milian, Angela Simmons, and South Africa’s Bonang Matheba. Additionally, in 2019, Nigerian-American actress Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade opted for a bespoke Andrea Iyamah wedding gown for her destination wedding.


As of 2022, Dumebi Iyamah bagged the Young Person of the Year award at the 16th edition of the Future Awards Africa, held on Sunday, February 20, 2022.

However, the brand went on to continue releasing new collections every season. One of which was the Spring/Summer 2022 lookbook. She also opened a new store in New York, amongst other places.


2023 forward

The Andrea Iyamah brand continues to explore the needs of the feminine woman and delivers top-notch collections. This is one of the visions of the brand. To create pieces that fit the feminine figure. So, one doesn’t have to wait until they get outside the country before they can try on the styles and cultures of other nations. Additionally, from their bridal collection to swimwear and resort wear to even ready-to-wear outfits, Iyamah keeps the fashion industry on its toes.

Every year, Nigerians and other nations alike look forward to the brand-new pieces and designs the Iyamah team brings to the table. I have been thoroughly inspired by her goals to make African culture live on through outfit designs. One can always carry a piece of their culture wherever they go, you know? It’s superb.

So now, you can check out their page at Andrea Iyamah to see their style corner, new collections, spring/summer wear, swimsuits, and holiday edits.

Andrea Iyamah 7Andrea Iyamah 8 Andrea Iyamah 9 Andrea Iyamah 10Andrea Iyamah 11

So, that’s it for today, folks. I hope this story inspires you the way it has inspired me. Don’t forget to follow, like, comment, and share.

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